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Life Hacks | Devil Worshipper | Sugar Baby | Gold Digger By Lizzy Lozzo

August 16, 2018
Life hacks is basically knowing the right strategies to adopt in order to manage your time and daily tasks in a more efficient way. 
Listen, I went through university without buying any of the recommended text books. 

Graduation Day

You know why? Because I learnt the code to the system and I got through it perfectly. 
I can legit eat dinner out every single evening in a fancy restaurant without paying a cent. Because I know what to do (I guess a lot of bloggers know this secret). 
If you are someone that is so into calling people illuminati’s, devil worshippers, sugar babies, gold diggers etc.  
You will never get to learn about life hacks because you are so busy being judgmental. If being judgmental is all you do, your head will be so clouded with negative thoughts. You will believe there is no other way around it to live your best life. 
Well I’m here to tell you that there are hundreds of ways you can get about life without being a devil worshipper or a sugar baby. 
Doing research that is: speaking to people that inspires you, reading inspirational books and biographies of people you admire. Going to different places, learning about different cultures, will help you a lot in learning life hacks. 


You don’t always have to pay for things with your own resource for example. You can always use other people’s resource and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that if the other person is ok with it. 
In the society we live in today, they have made it look and sound so bad in using other people’s resources to get what we want. 
Unless you are getting a credit card or a mortgage etc. Even though these are other people’s resources, society makes us feel it is ok because this is a way of trapping people into the system of debt. 
Another situation will be organising an event for example. Person one would be thinking that they have to spend a lot of money in hiring a venue, buying food or drinks for their guests. 
Whereas, person two, knows the life hack, meaning that, they don’t have to spend anything in organising the event. They can actually get sponsors to sponsor the event. 
Knowing life hacks will definitely make some aspects of your life easier. 


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