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My Greatest Fear Of Moving Back To Sierra Leone: Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway

January 16, 2018
Even though I had lots of fears in moving back to Sierra Leone, one of my greatest fear was not having easy access to buy makeup when it was time to restock.
Susan Jeffers in her book ‘Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway’ states that the things we worry about the most, never happens, so in other words, it is really pointless to spend your whole life worrying about things that will never happen. 
After a couple of months in Sierra Leone, I began wearing less makeup because firstly, I began seeing great improvement on my skin as a result of the sunny weather and eating fresh home food.
Secondly, I didn’t feel the need to because nobody was looking at me based on my fabulous makeup creation on my face.
Joel Osteen said in one of his sermons that when the Queen walks into a room filled with beautiful women and richer people than she is, she doesn’t put her head down, she raise her head up like the queen she is.
Living in Sierra Leone brought out my authentic self. Everybody looked at me as a queen/leader and I felt like one, they could careless about my looks/flaws.
They loved and respect me just because, I didn’t have to put on a mask, my only duty was to show up and be responsible. 
My fear of not having an easy access to buy makeup never happened in reality because I never really ran out of makeup. It was just an illusion that held me back for a very long period of time.
I write this to say if you want to do something, go ahead and do it, don’t let fear get in your way because the things we worry about, never happens. Live your life to the fullest and enjoy every moment of it. 
Secondly, fear puts you in a stagnant comfort zone, it makes you believe firmly that that’s the only place you are meant to be because everything you need is in the box that you are currently in.
After moving from your comfort zone, you will realise that you didn’t really need all those things that were holding you back. 
Thirdly, fear is just an illusion, don’t let it get in your way, for example, a lot of us will feel very comfortable going by ourselves to a fast food restaurant for lunch or dinner but wouldn’t feel as comfortable to go to a high end restaurant by ourselves  because this is so out of our comfort zone.
I’m challenging you after reading this post to go have a dinner or lunch at a high end restaurant by yourself, baby girl, baby boy, my lovelies I want to challenge you to Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway. 
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