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Makeup Products For Flawless Result

November 19, 2014
Hey lovelies,
I believe you are all doing great :).
Makeup is not one of the things I enjoy writing about really as I don’t consider myself as a makeup artist, I am just an artist for my face lol. But as some of you have been asking about my winter makeup look and the products I use, I have decided to write a post on the products I use. I don’t really use a lot of makeup as I naturally have a nice skin that don’t require a lot of product and I like the natural look.
I have opt for a all Mac products this season because I just want to. How ever there are always cheaper alternatives you can use to achieve the look.
To begin with, I firstly ensure that I have a clean face (I have done a post on how I clean my face on a previous post). I then lightly moisturise my face using Shea butter. My face is then ready to apply my makeup after this point and here are the products I use.
1. Primer: Johnson baby powder. I use this because it helps the makeup even out and also lasts longer given me that matte look.
This is very cheap so I have no alternative recommendation.
2. Liquid Foundation: Mac Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 in NW47. I’ve been using it for years now and mainly in winter because I like the texture of it which is very ideal for my oily skin.
You can use the Sleek Liquid foundation which is cheaper, it does the same job but not really water friendly, so stay away from water when you use it lol.
3. Setting Spray: Mac Prep & Prime Spray. I spray this on my foundation brush to blend in my foundation, I also use it on my eye shadow brushes to bring out the colours. I then use this spray after apply my makeup to remove all excess powder given that vibrant and glowing look. I absolutely love this product and I will recommend it.
No alternatives that I know of yet.
4. Concealer: Mac Solid Concealer in NW50. Use this to cleanup my eyebrows, I use a darker shade to do this because I just don’t like to see the drawn lines on brows. I also use this under my eye area to contour. Again I’ve been using this product for years and it’s got my loyalty
You can try the Milani Concealer, it’s cheaper, last for a couple of hours but gets oily after some time.
5. Brow Pencil: Mac Brow Pencil. I use this to fill in my brows. I really like the natural look it gives. It’s a great product but it doesn’t last longer than 6 weeks.
Sleek Brow Pencil is cheaper and does the same job. I will be using it next so I might just do a review on it when I do.
6. Powdered Foundation: Mac Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation. I use this to set in my makeup, it’s my absolute favourite. It was my 1st makeup ever bought, yes I had an older cousin who loved Mac and introduced me to it.
Sleek Powdered Foundation is super cool, I use this mainly in the summer as I get darker and this really does the job for me.
7. Lipstick: Viva Glam by Mac. This is my every lipstick as I absolutely love a nude lip.
BarryM shade 150 is my favourite nude been using it for years, I’m just using the Mac one arm because I got it for free but will be going back to my BarryM real soon.
To make your makeup last longer, I will advice you to look after your actual skin in a way that you wouldn’t have to use much makeup.
If you would like to see a post on how I apply these products on my face, please leave a comment below.
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Thanks and stay tuneddd for more interest posts :).

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