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May 2, 2014


Hey lovelies, don’t we all hate fast hair growth, shaving bumps and dark marks? Well in today’s post, I’m going to talk about my laser hair removal treatment which I believe will help some of you just the way it has helped me. When I 1st started, I didn’t get any advice from anyone or blog, I just took a risk and went for my 1st treatment. It was scary but I loved it because I had broken my fear of doing something I wasn’t too knowledgeable about.
I will be answering the questions that some of you have asked me previously about laser treatment, also feel free to ask me more questions and I will be more than happy to add them in. 
Here are some of the question I’ve been asked about laser hair removal and answers based on my experience. 
1. What is Laser?
Laser is the process of removing unwanted hair by the means of exposure to pulses light that destroys the hair follicle. This process permanently removes the hair whilst decreasing hair growth during the treatment. I can’t stress out how amazing this treatment is. 
2. Where can I get it done?
It can be done at any Clinic that does laser.
3. Does it hurt?
It is not painful at all, you just get a little tingle, it doesn’t pull the hair like waxing or scrap the hair like shaving, it just burns the hair follicles. 
4. How often do I have to get it done?
Once you start, it has to be done every 2 weeks, then a month, than 2/3 months. After you begin to see minimal growth, you will just need to do a touch up every 6 months. 
5. Do you need to be hairy?
They will hit the points where they’ve notice hair growth, so not necessarily. But I normally go when I have some hair. 
6. Is it a one off treatment
No it’s not a one off treatment, you have to do it up to 7 times and after that you just have to retouch after every 6 months. 
7. What other areas can it be done?
It can be done on the face and any other body part  (private part, under arm, legs, back etc). 
8. Can men have a laser treatment? 
Yes men can, I think a lot of men go for it these days. 
9. How much does it cost?
The price depends on the area for example, I pay £75 for my bikini per session but I got a deal when I started like book 5 sessions and get one session for free. That really helped as you have to do it every 2 weeks when you 1st start. 
My motivation to start laser is simply because I was tired of shaving/waxing and I hated having bumps and dark marks. I just love the laser lights :). 

Clear armpit

I hope this helps. I really appreciate all you people that take your time to read my blog posts because it really motivates me to do more. I’m very humbled :).  
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Thanks and stay tuneddd for more interest posts :). 

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