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April 12, 2014
‘Take action whenever you notice something is not right before it’s to late, the time is NOW.’
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Hey lovelies, I hope you are all doing great and I believe this remedy would work for whoever is reading this post and is ready to give it a try. Like everything else, this is not a magical remedy so it might take some time for you to see the result.
Before I prolong, I would just like say this remedy has worked for me. I only post remedies on here that have worked for me.
Now, not only do dark underarms make you feel conscious and uncomfortable whilst wearing sleeveless clothes but also whilst wearing a swimsuit or going to the doctors/salon for other treatments.
Nonetheless, to understand how to get rid of dark armpit, you firstly need to understand the causes: as the saying goes, ‘prevention is better than cure.’
According to my personal experience and proven research, here are 5 things that causes dark armpit:
1- Shaving: in general, I just wouldn’t advice you to shave any part of your body. You cut off hair just below the surface of your skin when you shave.
Shaving result is unsightly stubble which gives the illusion that you have darker armpit. Same goes to hair removal because they remove hair just from the surface, which makes your underarm looks darker. Shaving results to ingrown hair which results to dark armpits. You can try waxing or doing laser next time you want to get rid of your underarm hair.
Ladies this goes for your private part too, I did waxing before and I upgraded to laser hair removal 2 years ago to permanently remove hair in my private area and this has worked amazingly as it remains flawless and fresh all the time :).
2- ¬†Dead cells: accumulations of dead cell could result to darker underarm. This is why it’s very vital to exfoliate your armpit every now and then. (I did a post on how to exfoliate your face using products in your kitchen, you can use the same remedy on your armpit).
3- Friction: sometimes when you wear very tight clothes on a daily basis, the friction between your armpit and the material can lead to darkening. Let your armpit breathe sometimes by wearing clothes that allows air to flow through your armpit.
‘This applies to your private area too.’
Here are the other causes, I haven’t really used these before so I can’t speak much about them. I will advice you to do a research on how these affect your armpit:
4- Using deodorant and antiperspirant excessively.
5- Diabetes.
Top 3 ways I used to get rid of my dark armpit and I’m still using to prevent it from happening:
1- Waxing/Laser
I did waxing before and then upgraded to laser hair remove to permanently remove my armpit hair.
A lot of people say laser hair removal is expensive but I had rather sacrifice buying clothes or shoes to get my laser done because what’s the point of looking good on the outside and once the mask is off, you don’t feel comfortable anymore lol. Ladies so it’s up to you to decide.
Waxing is good but I realised that I have to go to the salon like twice a month to get it done. I didn’t really want to spend time on trips to the salon, so this is when I went for laser (if you want me to do a special post on laser treatment, please leave a comment below).
2- Lemon Juice: some of you might already now my love for lemon juice, I eat it and I use it on my skin too. It works perfect for me. This is one of the most effective ways to even your skin tone and to lighten your armpit.
After bath, use your moisturiser to soften your underarm and skip the deodorant for a couple of days.
I just don’t understand how some people moisturise all over their body and leave their armpit. You should moisturise your armpit just like any other part of your body because you want it to look the same as any other of your body part.
3- Exfoliate (have done a post on this, so go check it out).
There are other ways, but I haven’t used them so I can’t speak about them. They are as follows:
– Potato and cucumber
– Saffron mix
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