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March 14, 2014
Hey lovelies, I’m going to unveil the secret of my beautiful skin today. Just to let you know that before my flawless and radiant skin, I had a very dis functional skin and it was mainly because of my diet.
I was so fed up one day with my skin issues  and I ask myself questions like:
a. What have I eaten to make my skin like this?
b. What did I do to make make my skin like this?
C. What do I use on my skin?
D. How can I change this?
Every time something is not going the way you want, you should seat back and ask yourself some questions. The answers to these questions will mostly be the solution to your problem.
In my case, after evaluating my answers, I found out that I had to change certain things in my life like:
The food I eat, I took control of my diet at the age of 17 years old. I stopped eating meat and diary products  I was only eating sea food, lots of vegetables and drinking water.
Here are the things I did to change and regain my flawless skin:
1. Diet Change: I changed my diet to healthy eating and drinking water only, no junk food, diary products and processed juices.
2. No Chemicals: I wasn’t wearing makeup to hide anything, looked after my skin using homemade remedies (I have some homemade remedy recipes post on my blog). Don’t put any chemical on your face for no reason, it doesn’t help. Basically I went on a detox going back to my natural state.

when you are back at your natural state, you will then be able to introduce food and different skincare products back in to your regime. Then you will be able to tell what triggers your skin issues.
As a result of this, I regained my healthy skin. All I do now is maintain it. As the saying goes ‘prevention is better than cure.’
Why is it important for you to be patient?
It is important for you to be patient because this process will take some time as your body will have to process everything whilst your skin is getting back together. Just don’t give up on it. Keep on eating right and looking after your skin.
How I handled not eating meat at home?
Well I must say my family were very supportive of my decision ever since they found out I’ve stopped eating meat/chicken, they will put some food aside for me before they put the meat in when cooking. However, I had to skip some of the meals sometimes. Also I was in uni most of the time and I got my own place whilst I was in my second year: that made me more independent and I was able to cook my own meals without meat.
It was very hard at 1st but I had to choose between the food I eat and my skin/health. So my health motivated me to give up so much things. My skin got so bad at one time it was scary. But after I took control of my diet, everything changed.
You should give it a try.
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