March 5, 2014

‘It is very important to drink lots of water’

I exfoliate my face 3x a week, because your face won’t shine out on its own, you’ve got to give it a little help by exfoliating regularly to regenerate your skin and encourage new cell growth.
It is very important to exfoliate your face because it removes the rough, flakey outer layer of facial skin and will reveal your lustrous canvas of beautiful, silky skin…. Oh lala
To exfoliate my face, I use a homemade facial scrub made from white sugar, Shea butter and olive oil.


1. Pour some sugar in a bowl and add some melted Shea butter and Olive oil on to it making sure is in a solid state. Mix the content with a wooden spoon or chop stick (you can get a free chop stick from the Chinese restaurants haha) I normally use eye measurement, so I can’t give you any accurate measurements, you will have figure that out yourself lol.
2. Ensure that your face is clean because you want to be exfoliating a clean face. (Check my face cleaning regime post to learn how to clean your face.)
3. Pat wet your face, gently rub the paste on your face in a circular motion to get rid of all the dead skin. Do this until you feel that you have exfoliate every part of your face.
4.Rinse your face with lukewarm water making sure that you remove all the paste from your face.
5. Pat dry your face with a clean towel and moisturise your face with a pinch of lotion, Shea butter or olive oil.
You can also use this mixture to exfoliate you lips or your whole body.
Isn’t the glow on my skin amazing :)::):)????
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