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Best Facial Cleanser For Clear Skin

April 16, 2018
To be honest, this is not something I enjoy writing  about because I feel like there are so many skincare posts on the internet.
However, I understand why some of you have requested I do a skincare post because you trust me and can relate to me on personal level.  I try my best to showcase the real me by taking lots of makeup free pictures and doing live videos on my Instagram where you get to see me in my natural state. 
Some of you have been asking about my skincare regime and how I maintain a clear skin for a very long time which is why I decided to write about my favourite facial cleanser I use to achieve a clear skin.
I feel honoured that you request such information from me. I believe this is as a result of me always trying to present my authenticself via pictures and videos on my social media platforms.
Also because I give you lovelies my honest opinions about product/service regardless of me being sponsored by the brand/s to market their product/service or times when I’m just talking about a product/service because I’ve benefited from it in a positive way.

My natural state

Personally, I take skincare, food very importantly, so I wouldn’t do marketing in these areas if the product or service hasn’t worked for me. 
In the past, I have used so many products with the aim of achieving a clear skin, but these products would only work for a certain period of time and I will experience the same issue/s again.
After doing some research by reading skincare related articles, speaking to various people of different backgrounds and age groups, I came to a realisation that most people with great skin use minimal chemical products in their skincare regime and were using soapfree products too.
Basically, try to keep it as natural as possible. 

As a result of this, I began using soapfree facial cleanser which has worked really good for me as I only get pimples when my period is about to show me some love.
Prior to using this cleansing method, I had spots, dark marks and oily skin which made me feel very uncomfortable and I wore makeup every single day.
These days I rarely wear makeup because I don’t have dark marks and oily skin. 
I use the the Sanex Zero Shower Gel as a facial cleanser, it’s soap free and has less chemicals. It has helped me a lot in achieving a clear skin along with eating healthy, drinking water and minding my business. 
Thanks so much for your constant support, stay turneddddd for more posts and always feel free to send a request about a topic you would like me to write about. 
Please connect with me on my social media pages, you can find the links on my website. 

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