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March 16, 2017
Today’s affirmation: Every little helps – Tesco

Well when you are a young beautiful girl in Freetown doing well for yourself, a lot of people will assume you are dating a rich guy (usually this would be a politician), this can be true or false.
On a personal basis, I enjoy living what is called ‘the good life’ so basically I go out for breakfast, lunch and dinner in fancy restaurants, lounges or hotels. Some people get very curious about how a young girl like me can afford this life style.
Such an amazing view from Stryker’s (my bestie) House.

Ok this lobster was so delicious, I enjoyed it so much, maybe is because it was paid for haha. One of the blessings you will read about later in the post.

As real as this might sound, I was persuaded by my friend to pose next to this car, it matches my outfit too.

Firstly, I have my priorities right which makes it easier for me to manage my life. In school, Economics was my favourite subject and I’ve managed to use some principles of economics very well in my life. I use the opportunity cost principle  in my everyday life, I absolutely love it.
Secondly, I am very content in my own right. I am very ambitious because I want the best things in life and I work passionately towards them. However, I still understand that it’s very important for me to appreciate my journey and be content.
Am I dating a politician? No I’m not, I only can tell who the President and Vice President are, any other person down the line, I can’t recognise them if I was to bump into them somewhere.
Even if I was dating a a rich guy (politician), I am financially independent: this means I don’t need anyone to sponsor my lifestyle because it’s something I’ve planned for and I’ve achieved. Dating someone to add on this would be an extra blessing from God, I will be so proud of it (every little helps- Tesco) and when it happens, I will share it on the blog too :). So until then, stay tunedddddd for the next post.
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