October 24, 2014
‘I really love sharing my personal experience in life that will have a positive impact in others life. Seeing others smile brings me joy so I enjoy going above and beyond to create that impact.’ 
Hey lovelies, it’s been a while :). Hope you are all doing great. I really appreciate all your messages, comments to say how much you’ve missed my posts. As you all know, my blog is kind of intimate and personal: this means that, I blog about real life stuff and my personal experiences. Lately I have been very busy and not been able to focus on this part of my life. I love to give my all here, so when I’m not in the right state of mind, I tend to stay away from here hahaha. I am back now and I promise to write a blog post every week. 
So a lot of interesting things have been happening in my life since I’ve been away. I absolutely love the new changes in my life and I’m ever so happy to be back again to share it with you lovelies hahaha. I’m going to list some points of what’s new with me. I will elaborate more on the points you want me to talk about, please comment with the number you would like me to go deep into:
1. Shaved off my hair on the 8.09.2014.
2. New winter makeup routine.
3. New face cleaning regime.  
4. How it felt when I turned 25.
5. How I’ve increase my credit rating? 
Feel free to ask me more questions. Otherwise, please comment or message me on the points you want to know more about. 
I can’t express how happy I am to be here again (wished I could show you my happy dance but I’m alone lol). But hey I will do so one of these days. 
Thank you very much for always showings so much love and for motivating me :). 
Enjoy :). 
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Thanks and stay tuneddd for more interesting posts :). 

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