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What You Need To Know About Banana Island In Sierra Leone And Why You Should Visit The Island

May 16, 2018
Banana Island is one of the many Islands in Sierra Leone.
I’m writing this post because I feel like it’s very important for people that lives in Sierra Leone and those visiting to get a glimpse of the Island. 
It’s a different vibe compared to that of Freetown (the capital city of Sierra Leone) where people mostly stay when they visit Sierra Leone. 
The historic sites on Banana Island like The Gate which leads to the Big Sand Beach Resort for example where I stayed. The only Church in the Village are all linked to the Colonial times and the slave trade. Basically, it gives us a look of the History of Sierra Leone. 
Before I talk about the Resort I stayed, I will like to share with you a few interesting facts I learnt about the people of Banana Island. 
Whenever I visit somewhere new, I make it a priority to learn about the people and their culture. 

A Palm Wine Tapper

During my stay, I often had conversations with Mr Godwin who was the Chef at our Resort and also a resident of Banana Island. Mr Godwin taught me so many historic things about the Island. 

Mr Godwin

My Tour guard took me to some historic places as well like The Gate and the Only Church in the Village which was built by the missionaries several years ago. 
What’s Important To The People Of Banana Island?
The most important thing is happiness, peaceful relationship with neighbours and Freedom of movement said the Head Woman of the Village. 

Island life

What Language Do They Speak On The Island?
The Village is Predominantly occupied by the Krio’s. So the main language that people speak on the Island is Krio then English. 
I most say they are the most intelligent group of Sierra Leoneans I’ve met. 

The only School in the Village, goes up to Class 6. Students will have to continue their secondary school education in nearby Towns that has secondary school or get sent to a relative in the City.

They are very civilise and very well spoken. I mean, for a Village, the people speak very good English. It’s very easy to communicate with them. 
Population Of Banana Island:
Officially, there are 150 people that lives in the Village but according to my Tour guard, 300 people lives people in the Village. 
What’s Special About Banana Island?
The old people are very unique 
They are loveable, they share their interest of love said Mr Jalloh.
You can sleep with your doors open without worrying about thieves coming at you unlike living in Freetown. 
How Light Came Into The Village
The Headman sold a very big piece of Land and use the funds to bring light into the village. 
Where To Stay On The Island
There are six Resorts on Banana Island. Which are:

View from my Balcony at Big Sand Beach Resort

-Big Sand Beach
-Big warf 
-Daltons Banana Guest House
-The Sunshine Guest House
-Banana Island Charlets 
Even thou I stayed at the Big Sand Beach Resort, I had the opportunity to visit the other resorts and I was given a tour of them. 
In the next post, I will give you Lovelies more information about the Resort I stayed at including price of Accommodation, Transportation, Activities and some photos. 
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