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June 12, 2014
‘The only way forward is appreciating you.’
Hey lovelies, I have looked into some of the things that affect some people on their weight loss journey. I suffered from these reasons too until I learnt about me and decide that the only person I want to look like is me. God made us all unique, so we should embrace our unique futures. You are beautiful no matter your size or skin colour :).
Before I prolong, I would like to stress out how important it is for you to learn about your body. Go on a week’s detox, spend some hours to yourself to study your mind. Let me know if you would like me to do a sole post on the importance of detoxing and meditation.
Here we go:
1. Stop focusing on whose body you want to look like and focus on your body.
2. Love how you are at the moment whilst in the process of improving it. Always appreciate the journey.
3. Set your mind in doing it for yourself and not to impress others.
4. Dress to your body shape and wears what fits you. Trying to fit into something smaller than you is just fooling yourself.
Thanks, I hope this helps :).

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