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June 12, 2014

‘Even thou I value my personal moving experiences, I would say it is very important to seek advice from a professional when you want to get a new place. I learnt the hard way hahaha, but I don’t want you Lovelies to experience my struggle when Knight Frank has made it easier for us all.’

Hey lovelies, as some of you have been asking me to write a post about my moving experiences since I always find myself in these nice apartments lol. Well even thou I’ve been really successful at finding myself some nice flats, it would have been better if I knew about this recent debate by a panel of specialists from Knight Frank where they answered questions in a new debate show – An Honest Answer.

Until I came across this debate, I didn’t know the answers to many of the questions I had in my head: this was very informative and I thought it will be great for me to share it with you Lovelies as it has all the information you will need about moving houses/flats.
Knight Frank as the leading independent global property consultancy, decided to put itself on the front line and face questions about the estate agency business from people just like you.


‘In association with The Telegraph, a panel of specialists from Knight Frank answer your questions in a series of videos and via our property clinic’ – Knight¬†Frank.
Questions answered in the first of a series of debates:
1. Gazumping – should there be a change in the law?
2. Estate agents fees – are these negotiable? What are consumers really paying for?
3. Buying rental investments – is it really worth it?
4. Who do agents really work for?
5. How quickly can you get a mortgage?
6. ‘Private’ sales – who gets to see these properties?
7. Choosing the right agent?
8. Getting the right valuation.
This video was taken from the Knight Frank Website:

Thanks, I hope this information was useful. Please feel free to drop me an email if you have any more questions.

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