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May 16, 2014


Hey lovelies, I hope you are all doing great :).  I’ve been amazing but a little busy that’s why I haven’t done a post for some days now. I have so much topics to write on at the moment but I’ve chosen ‘how to start eating healthy and be energies’ because a lot of you wanted me to write on it. Also, I thought it will be very useful to share my personal experience with you lovelies on this topic. 
In today’s society, we have so many junk food options to go for instead of the healthy food option. It is very challenging to keep on top of it but what I know for sure is that it can be done and if I can do it, you can do it too :).  
Being energies and eating healthy are linked together, you will find out more as you continue reading this post. To be productive with your time, you have to priorities the important things in your life.
So if I were you, I will start by making a list of all the things that are important to you right now. 
For example:
1. Eat healthy
2. Go to the gym/exercise 
3. Be organise
4. Think positive and believe in you
5. Be self-motivated
6. Be happy with yourself
I will explain these 6 things to you here and if you work on them, your life will be different in a positive way. 
1. Eating healthy: it is very important to eat healthy because it boosts up your energy level, it makes you feel good after eating because your body will tell you that you are doing something good and it will show on your skin too. 
How to get into cooking healthy meals:
You have to believe that this is what your body needs, be really motivated and make it a life style. This can mean eating healthy at least 5 times a week and you can treat yourself to something naughty like two times a week. So try to replace your sweet tooth with lots of fruits like banana, apple, berries, pineapple, grapefruit etc. 
Healthy meals are not hard to make. I have lots of 15 minutes recipes on my blog that you can start with. It’s really cost effective to eat healthy. 
2. Gym/exercise: you can exercise at home; you don’t really have to go to the gym if you don’t want to leave your house. I don’t go gym but I do little 10-15 mins exercises every now and then in my house and I go running sometimes. These are all things you can do by yourself. 
Exercise releases stress and also are good for energy boost. Sugar isn’t good for energy boost neither does coffee. You can drink coffee like once a day but I say alternate coffee to herbal teas (green tea or mint tea). You can have tea 3 times a day which is really good for you. You can use sweeteners instead of sugar. 
3. Be organise: it is very important you organise yourself as in making a prioritise time for everything in your diary. Also organise things that you eat, for example, what you going to have for breakfast, dinner or lunch. 
Plan stuff like what you have to wear etc. this help reduces stress because you are not over working your mind at one time once you have planned everything that needs to be done in advance. 
4. Think positive: when I say think positive, I mean worry less, focus on the good things in your life, look at things that makes you happy. Accept the outcome of any situation at the time (I will do an individual post on positivity). Focus on the brighter side of life. Now this for sure is easily said than done, but it can be done. I know everyone have off days, its ok for you to have them days, but just don’t make it overshadow your good times.
5. Be self-motivated: you have to be able to be strong and motivate yourself to do the things you want to do. For example, whenever you think about exercise and you are in your comfort zone, get up and start doing some workout. Be strong enough to say sweet I want you but I’m not going to have you today. With practice, you can do it. 
6. Be happy with yourself: whatever shape you are at the moment, it doesn’t matter, start by being happy with yourself, loving the inner you and in no time, the outer you will change. 
You have to be happy on your way to your destination, don’t hang on and wait until you get the result you want. Always make sure you enjoy the moment and accept the outcome of any situation because that’s what 
To lose weight,
You have to eat less or stop eating once you are satisfied. You can eat but just don’t over eat. 
-Exercise reduces your appetite so do more exercise.  
– Drink lots of water before and after food. But if you feel too full, don’t drink water because you will be bloated rather than digest. 
– Learn your body and see what’s good for you. You can do this by going on a week’s detox. 
– Lastly, don’t try to lose weight to look like someone else, try to lose weight to be like you. Everyone is different; you being you don’t mean you are not beautiful :). 
Let me know if you have any questions and I dear you to start your new lifestyle tomorrow :).  I believe you can do it and I know you believe you can do it too. 
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