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The Importance Of Relating To Others |Humility | Sympathy | Inner Peace

February 9, 2019
Lizzy Lozzo

Trying to be like the people that hurts me has hurt me so much because I’m not the type of person they’ve made me want to be. 

Lizzy Lozzo

I’m a person with great humility, sympathetic with a very curious mind. 

It was more about giving love, relating to other people for me before people began damaging my mindset (but this is all in the past now).

Now I still relate to people, I feel for them personally but I just don’t show it to a majority of people I feel this way about. I just show it to a handful of people around me. 

This is going to change as of today because I am going to show people that I care regardless of the outcome I get from them moving forward.  

The saying you can’t let people change who you are, is so true. Because who you are, it simply who you are.

Relating to people is basically putting yourself in someone’s experience. 

For example, if someone cut their finger whilst peeling an Orange, reacting to the situation like it was your finger to make the person not feel alone in whatever they are experiencing. 

I am the type of person that will cry when I see others in pain, they don’t have to be a family member or a friend for me to feel their pain. 

Apart from exploring my curiosity mind when I’m by myself in my bedroom, I use this time to be emotional, pray for myself and others.

By the way, being curious is how I found my purpose in life.  

A person with humility and a sympathetic mind will always have a greater peace of mind within compare to people who don’t practice this. 

Lizzy Lozzo

Most Religious people will often say we have a forgiving God that we can always go to and is always willing to accept us. 

Even Spirituality about being kind and loving to people who has send us hate. 

Living a God like life is being this kind of person, always loving, forgiving etc. 

Now there is a disadvantage of living this kind of life because people are so going to take you for granted because it is not everyone that understands the secret of an everlasting happiness that only you can give to yourself. 

Once you understand this disadvantage and are able to master how to deal with people like this, you will always find the strength to send them peace and love. 

Oftentimes, there problem is not you, there problem is them. 

I cannot let the way that people treat me change the way I am because God has made me this way for a reason. 

Being Irresistible is having Humility, Sympathy and a Curious mind. Believe me when I tell you this, having these qualities will always make people want to be around you. 

Sending you all peace and love. 

Stay tuned for me life posts.  

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