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The importance of being around people that inspires and lift you up

March 11, 2014
Hey lovelies, so far, life has taught me some important lessons and one of which is the importance of hand picking the people you accommodate in your life.
I have experienced being around people that are negative, always up to no good and believe that they can not grow above their current level: this didn’t do any good to me so I had to change the people around me as the refused to change.
For example, if you are with someone that don’t like your career, they are not for you because all they will do is de motive you, and that will stop you from growing up in your field. Be around people that appreciates what you stand for.
Before you let someone new in your life, you should always as yourself these questions?
– how are they going to impact my life in a positive why?
– do I feel inspired by them?
– do I feel happy and comfortable around them?
If the answer to any of the above question is ‘NO’ please don’t allow them in your home.
Thanks and hope you felt inspired by this title advice.
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