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Shouldn’t We All Be Materialistic | Being Privileged | Bentley Rides

June 16, 2017
Now, before I prolong, I would like to say there is a difference between loving a good quality life and being materialistic. 
I have met some people in my life that are materialistic and I just can’t stand them and wait till life fucks them over. 
Yes I say till life fucks them over because they don’t deserve anything good. I mean, how can you worship a Car or a Gucci belt over an experience? Don’t get me wrong, I like me my little designer items every now an again but I definitely don’t idolise any of these items. 
Like for example, some people drive their cars on road but they don’t want dirt to go on it. I mean what the absolute fuck is that? They don’t even enjoy the moment of driving, they will be worrying about their tyres getting dirty. 
To me, people like that are very stupid and nothing last with them for a longer period of time. It just comes and goes.
My friend drives a Bentley and drives with complete ease and peace of mind. They are not worried about dust hitting the tires or the side door having a little dent.
Luxury items are meant to bring you happiness and not put you and the people around you lives in jeopardy lol. Enjoy the damnnnnn moment. 

Living my best life in this luxury car

If my friend was one of those people that tells you how to seat in their car, how to hold the door of the Bentley, not to lean on it, to be honest with you, I would have stopped hanging out with them a while ago. 
I mean, when I’m in that car as some of you have seen from my social media pages, I feel the most comfortable. 
I dress how I want, I eat fish and chips at the back of the car, drink mocha and raise my dirty ass feet on the backseat. 
A luxury Car or A luxury anything on planet earth is been made for you to feel comfortable, to be your best self, to be happier. 
So adding attachments to luxury items will just spoil the whole point of having them in the first place.  
I can’t stand people that worship material things over humans. At the end of the day, it is just a Car or a Belt. 
Personally, I love the good, the nice things in life because that is what I was born into and that is all I know but I don’t worship my privilege. (Now don’t get me wrong, I have had my struggles in finding myself, this is a whole topic for another day). 

Pyjamas mood in the Bentley

Enjoying The Moments
When I’m with people, I like to enjoy the moment, the experience of being in their company. 
There is so much you can learn from anyone you come across with in life. If you can only listen and communicate with each other, you will gain so much from each other. 
Appreciating God’s Gifts Because I have been A Good Girl
I normalise a lot of things that people take for granted because I feel like the universe/God is sending them my way because I deserve them. 

Gucci bag x Primark Scarf

When God sends me things in life that I deserve, I don’t spend time worrying how good I’m going to look to enjoy the moments, I just enjoy the moment. 
Now, I have been very privileged to seat at the back of a Bentley and get driven around every now and then. 

Backseat rides are just the best while scrolling through Instagram timeline

Personally, I like to take pictures of the moments in my life especially if it is something I will look back at in the future and smile at it. 
For example, last year for my birthday, I was in Sierra Leone. Not going to go too much into this but in Sierra Leone, doing certain things will make people class you as being broke (poor). 
One of them is taking public transport. Personally I believe public transport is a privilege, it plays a very important role in society so I don’t see anything wrong with it. 
If that is the option I have, I will go for it, it wouldn’t make me any less of the person I am. 
Okay so taking public transport in Sierra Leone is basically like a Taboo lol. And a ride with on a bike (okada) is the lowest of the public transports and so you will be class as poor. 
Trust me, I don’t get that either. 
So on my birthday, I just wanted to do something different, wanted to experience something different from what I am used to. 
I was in Town, I wanted to experience life with the local traders, Bike (Okada) riders etc. 

Blurry pic but I was living my best life

One of the pictures I took on that very amazing night was of me on a bike (Okada). The picture was posted on Facebook and I got a lot of questions as to why I will post a picture of me on an Okada ride on Facebook (in Public). 
My reply was this ‘if I can put a picture up of me in a Bentley, why can’t I on an okada? I live my life for me, whatever makes me happy.’ 
This picture here shows one of the happiest days of my life and it was priceless as the police guy let me on his okada for free. Why would I have trade this moment for anything else? If you are reading this, let me know what you think. 
Personally, I have found myself, I am happy with the person I am. I am not doing anything to pleasure other people, it has to serve me first. 
Thank you very much for always showing me so much love. 
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