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Reasons Why Sierra Leonean Men Do Not Empower Their Women

November 16, 2018
Before I prolong, I would like to clear things in the air that this doesn’t necessarily mean having an intimate relationship with a Sierra Leonean man. 
It can mean working for, working with or having an intimate relationship with them. 
In several occasions, I have heard people say they’ve applied for jobs were they were qualified but again not qualified because the ‘Boss man’ hasn’t had a bedroom interview with them yet. 
Personally, I have experienced this too. 
Let us be real, trying to get a qualified female striving for herself in bed is straight away degrading her, telling her she is not enough, she can not achieve things without you, going to university or learning a trade is not relevant without giving up her body. 
Doing this Sir is not empowering your women. I mean, you’ve seen a woman with so much potential, why not encourage her to follow her dreams. 
Why not tap her on her back to say you are doing well, I want to be here to help you achieve more. I want to see you win rather than trying to lay her on the back to f*ck her brains out and leave her broken like why Sir why?
Personally, I think sleeping with a potential Boss for a job you are qualified for is the most degrading thing a woman can do. 
No matter how intelligent you are, they will still go Steve Wonder (blind) on you and only make getting into your pants a priority.
They believe a woman is only intelligent when they can make her scream in bed. 
Again, I’m not here to say men from other countries don’t see women as sexual beings, of cause they do. 
However, majority of them will not see an intelligent woman and dismiss her intelligence. 
As an Educated woman, a woman of Class, an Entrepreneur, I have met men from different parts of the World and of various works of life so I’m talking from experience. 
They’ve said things like you are very intelligent and could achieve a lot more. Statements like these has been a great inspiration in my growth, I want to hear this more from Sierra Leonean men. 
Now I’m not going to seat here and say some of these men don’t want to get in my pants, they probably do.
However, this wouldn’t be the fore front of it all. It won’t make you feel like the only thing a woman is good for is laying on her back. 
In Dating Sierra Leonean Men And Being Empowered By Them: 
To be honest, I have only dated one Sierra Leonean guy so I can’t speak much on this.
However, I have heard stories and witnessed some of these men hoe shaming their women. Like for real thou, I have never heard or seen other men hoe shaming their women like Sierra Leonean men do. If you know me, you will know that my circle mostly consists of men, so I know what I’m talking about. 
For example, I heard a friend saying to another friend that he dated his baby mama after she had dated 4 other guys.
This woman dated these guys one after the other and not all at the same time. So why should her past even be a topic on the round table? 
If you are dating a Sierra Leonean Man or have dated and has supported you, that is amazing, that is how it should be: support and help each other grow. 
With all this being said, we love you guys but can some of you change your ways please. 
I am aware that their are good Sierra Leonean men who supports their women but we need more of you to be like this. 
Talk more about development when you are with your friends and less about your women. 
I mean, a foreign man gets into the country, the 1st thing he will be told by a Sierra Leonean man is that he can get a Sierra Leonean woman so easily. Can we put some respect on it pleaseeeeee. 
Also, understand that she is not a hoe if she wants to date different men to find her match. 
Support her with her dreams. Make her feel comfortable to have a meeting with her male colleagues without being worried that her man will not like the idea if he finds out. This is straight away decreasing her productivity at work as she will not be able to do the same things her male colleagues are doing. 
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