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My Valentines flowers

February 24, 2014
Hello, I got these beautiful roses on Valentines day 😊🌹🌹. But I didn’t want to bin them (as they start going off after a couple of days).
so I plucked and dried the flower with scented Vanilla&coconut oil in an open card box that was placed next to the heater. After 4 days, it was crispy or crackers dry lol. 


This is the end result, it smells so beautiful and I can have them forever this way 🌹🌹🌹🌹😘❤️. 


Flower – Gift 
Coconut & Vanila scented oil – Marks & Spenser
Candles – Marks & Spenser
Tray – Poundland
Hope you enjoyed this post and stay tuneddddddd for moreee lol…..

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