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My Two Cents On Krio Borbor Feature On BBC | Sierra Leoneans Defending An Influencer by Lizzy Lozzo

January 30, 2019

‘Lagila!!! Una Baranta ooo, dem say mami cus commot pa dis al lol’

Hey Lovelies, as one of the many Influencers in Sierra Leone, I know some of you have been waiting to hear my view on this Krio Borbor BBC feature topic. 

Lizzy Lozzo

I have read so many comments with some people being for and some against him being featured on BBC as an Influencer who is show casing Sierra Leone. 

First of all, can we get this clear that he is a Blogger/Influencer. I don’t know if some of you know what this means. But in simple terms, this is someone that has the ability to influence people to buy a product or service by showcasing it on their social media platforms. 

Lizzy Lozzo

Wearing a dress made by Sierra Leonean Designer Izelia

He might be show casing Sierra Leone but his long term goal is to generate income from it by starting a business like Vickie Remoe said on her Facebook post. 

He is not a charity organisation and is not doing it as a good will gesture, he is doing it because he is gaining something from it. 

E jus tan lek u go pull sara en u go ask di pipul dem for gi u res den u ask dem for pray to God fo u. Na wa oooo lol  

For example, he is not really bringing money into the Economy, he contact businesses to sponsor his stay in Sierra Leone. Now someone coming to help, brings their own and share, they don’t come to take. 

We all have relatives in the diaspora that sends money to their families and less privileged people especially during the War, Ebola and Mudslide incidents. 

Now where was Krio Borbor during these times to help raise money and awareness for Ebola and Mudslide victims?

His been back 2x since the incidents, has he donated anything to the victims like some of us have done?

I’m not disputing that his videos are not funny, some of his videos are funny. I do follow him on social media and we talk every now and again. 

Even though some people might have used the not so favourable terms and might have made them come across as racist but the main point is that there are people who have been struggling to showcase Sierra Leone for years that should have been acknowledged. I don’t think the main issue here is about him being not being black or Sierra Leonean.

In our culture, we look at time line in so many things, for example most of the Presidential candidates and parties in our recent Presidential election were choosen because of how long they’ve been around. Judging by this, he has been a round for that long.

He is a genius with something called Search Engine optimisation (SEO). SEO gives one a top ranking on the internet. So for example, if you type Sierra Leone on google, Krio Borbor might even pop up before our President (Julius Maada Bio). So to me, that’s straight off rubbing the Country’s identity. 

There is a potential for him to be a victim but he is not a victim. He is a public figure and I think people are allowed to be for and against him. 

As Bloggers/Influencers, we get backlash all the time and it is totally normal like how you have to be on time for work. 

Yes you can be called out for being a plus size, petite, black, white etc and it’s normal. Some of us just drink water and move on. 

Also it was our own Sierra Leonean brother that invited KB to do the BBC interview. What more can one say to this? Because of this reason, I can’t really blame him for agreeing to go share his missionary story. 

It’s very tricky to use the term show casing Sierra Leone. I will use the term sharing his experience in Sierra Leone. 

You can’t really find tourist attraction places to visit in Sierra Leone on Krio Borbor’s social media. 

And even if for argument sake he is show casing Sierra Leone, that’s the niche he has chosen as an Influencer and is only doing his job, he is going to make coins/money from doing so. 

In conclusion, I’m not hating and I don’t think other people are hating but to be honest, there are so many Sierra Leoneans doing great things that needs the spotlight. 

‘Lagila una baranta oooo, dem say mami cus commot pa dis al lol’

If he would have made the decision to move to Sierra Leone like some of us have, then I would have said yes he is doing the thing. 

There are couple of Sierra Leoneans with social media platforms that should have been giving that spotlight (@thisissierraleone @doamforsalone etc). He just happened to have that because he is good with SEO and was able to target more Sierra Leoneans on the internet and maybe white Jesus privileged. 

For example, you can learn so much from my Instagram @mysierraleonediary about Sierra Leone than you can learn on Krio Borbor’s page. He is just telling us about his experience as a missionary in Sierra Leone. 

Also it’s time for us to focus less on BBC & CNN for example sharing our stories and start using our own platforms to share our stories. 

Thanks for reading. 

Please be sure to follow me on my social media platforms to stay tuned for more interesting posts. 

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