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March 6, 2017
Today’s affirmation: I am worthy of great things and I’m in charge of my life story.

Ok before I prolong, I believe I should tell you lovelies that some people had said prior to me writing this post that I didn’t try enough to experience what it feels like but I sniffed and rubbed that white stuff on my gum and I couldn’t stop cracking up for the whole time.

Secondly, can I also say that trying something that is not acceptable by society doesn’t make you a bad person. Sometimes it’s ok to explore your curiosity: I just wanted to know why cocaine addicts are so addicted to it.
Thirdly, I tried it, I tried, me writing it publicly on my blog and being judged, wouldn’t change the fact that I tried it.
So I tried it with a friend before a night out. Can I just say that my level of paranoia increased from 20-100, I couldn’t let any one come close to me or speak to me. I took it too seriously and wanted to be so strong and on my best behaviour, you know we’ve all heard the stereotypical stories about cocaine addicts and I didn’t want to come across as one.
I’m a very cautious person, I weigh my choices, think about things and I often avoid going past my limit: this was obviously applied when I tried the cocaine, hence why some would say I didn’t try enough to experience it.
So I gave it a go, I felt it right in my head, omg it’s so hard to explain the feelings but I just couldn’t stop smiling for the whole time, my friend kept on asking what was funny lol. Omg my energy level was on a next level, I danced the whole night, I didn’t sleep even when we got home.
I had this banging headache for a week, I don’t know if that was solely because of the cocaine I believe it was as a result of my job too because it was very demanding and it seems like I was the only one my company depend on for it to stay alive.
Am I proud that I tried cocaine? Yes I sure am, it was a great experience.
Would I do/try it again? No because it doesn’t make sense to me and it didn’t add any value to my life.
Thanks so much for all your support, please feel free to ask me questions.
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