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How To Know For Sure If A Guy Likes You By Peter Hanson

July 16, 2017
How does anyone know if someone likes them?
Very difficult point. I think you will know if he likes you, if he’s willing to take you as you are.
Does he like the things you like or does he make bad comments on things you do?
Does he laugh at the things you say and does he listen to you and show feeling and emotion about the things you talk about?
I think a man who likes his partner will accept her moods and personality without making comments about how she is or the things she does.
He will be helpful to her and give friendly support and advice. 
A man who likes his lady will never compare her to other women but take her as she is.
He must accept her family and friends and take them just as they come.
I believe it is important to show you like someone by giving small gifts and surprising her on a regular basis.
He must be happy to go places with you and share in your interests.
These things are also interlocked with the way he shows his love for you. I think he should compliment you on your intelligence, looks and the way you do things, regularly.
And most of all, a man who loves you should tell you he loves you. Many people (men) think showing love and affection is soft or fussy, but it is essential for a good relationship.
It’s only through love that one can settle differences and arguments. Love is a healer. Love enables people to support each other through good and bad times.
Does he tell you that he loves you? Does he go the extra mile for you, does he make you feel like a queen and that you are the most important woman to him. These are things that he should do to show he loves you.

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