How To Have A Super Productive Weekend

August 16, 2017
To me, having a productive weekend means having enough time to think/plan the week ahead and reflect on the past week. 
I also like using my weekends to do skincare, Laundry and cleaning the house.
Weekends are normally very busy for me but I enjoy doing most of my weekend chores apart from laundry and ironing which I normally do on Sundays. 
However, I like to use Sundays to rest (have essential oil bath) and plan the week ahead instead of doing Laundry.

Essential oil bath

A friend of mine told me about about a Laundry and Dry Cleaning Company call LaundryHeap. So I decided to allocate this task to them. 
How LaundryHeap works?
  1. You select a pickup time on their website ( 
  2. One of theirs reps will bring a personalised collection bag to collect the clothes that needs to be washed, iron or dry clean. 
  3. The clothes will then be serviced and deliver to you by one of their Scouts within 24 hours. 
This works really good for me because it gives me time to finish all my weekend chores on time. 
By the end of the day, my door bell would have been ranged by one of Laundryheap scouts to drop off the Laundry. They also let you keep the bags to make it easy for you to store dirty clothes during the week. 

Laundry Heap keeps my whites crystal clear

This works really good for my busy schedule. I absolutely love using the Laundryheap service because it is fast, reliable, convenient and affordable. 
Thanks to my friend for recommending this service to me because this is simply magic but according to Laundryheap, it’s common sense hahaha. 
Here is their website in case you want to check them out. 
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