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How To Defeat The Inner Voice That Tells You That You Are Behind Everyone Else: Not Where You Want To Be Yet

June 16, 2018
Hey lovelies, so today we are going to talk about how to defeat that inner voice that tells you that you are behind everyone else, that red flag that tells you that you are not where you want to be yet. 
Now, this is something we all suffer from time to time but the only difference is that some of us have mastered how to use this as a motivation instead of dwelling on it as a set back.  
For example, I am scheduled to write a post every week. However, some weeks I get so occupied with other aspects of my life and I don’t get to write a post. 
This week past was a typical example as I had a wedding and a friend’s birthday. 
There were too much events going on and I didn’t really have the chance to write anything. 
Seeing my other blogger friends posting made me feel like I wasn’t doing enough.
However, I didn’t write a post because of a very valid reason which I have mentioned above, so I didn’t feel like a loser after all and I used my blogger friends as a motivation which is the reason I’m writing now. 
The main reason I’m writing about how to defeat that inner voice that tells you that you are behind everyone else is because a lovely subscriber asked me to write about this topic and I promised them that I will. 
This was my other motivation as well because I gave my words to the subscriber and didn’t want to let them down. 
Personally, as much as I don’t like letting myself down, I don’t like letting others down (especially those that supports me). This was there request to me (copied from their message)
“Dunno if you could help me with a topic on how to defeat that voice within that always say you’re “getting late and can’t be where you want to”…that voice that keeps drawing you back when you want to take a step in life,I know it sounds a bit complicated but I dunno if I’ll have a topic on this one,thanks in anticipation.”
My advice:
Like Jay Z said ‘I look in the mirror, my only opponent.’ So to begin with, I will advise you to stop looking at others as competitors and look at yourself as your only competitor. You should only use other people’s success as a motivation but not to put yourself down. 
We all have areas in our lives that is not 100% to us but to others, we are perfect, they want what we have and be where we are.  
Being content is very important, it will help make you feel at ease whilst working on your dreams. 
All you can do is try your best, put in the work and always be on the hunt for opportunities, you will surely get to where you want to be. 
The inner voice is always going to be there, but that is part of your job to fight it and give yourself reasons to keep on going. 
Thanks so much for your constant support, stay turneddddd for more posts and always feel free to send a request about a topic you would like me to write about. 
Please connect with me on my social media pages, you can find the links on my website. 

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