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How To Be An Achiever: The Importance Of Setting A Goal And Working Towards It

July 16, 2018
Being an achiever means you are a person of action, a doer, worker, activist, an entrepreneur according to definition. 
To be an achiever, you have to be able to set goals and work towards them. 
In an article on, the writer described goal setting as the process of identifying something that you want to accomplish and establishing measurable goals and time frames. 
I am writing this post this morning at 9am because I woke up  to two amazing news. After my happy dances, smiles, sharing the news with my loved ones, I took a moment to reflect at why this is happening right now. I then realised that these things were part of my recent goal plan. 
The time frame set to achieve these goals was 6 months but it came to live in 3 months. 
It seems so magical but it is not magical because I worked really hard towards achieving these. It wasn’t a very easy journey but hard work, motivation and strongly believing in myself, helped a lot. 
I would like to encourage anyone reading this to believe in you, set your goals and work hard towards achieving them. If you believe you can achieve a goal, that is all you need, because you really can. 
Tips On How To Set A Goal:
  1. The main important part of this is to decide on what you want to achieve. 
  2. Keep it in mind or write it down in your diary. 
  3. Discuss this with someone and most importantly with people that are going to help you achieve your goal. I for example, I discussed my goal mainly with my Accountant or loved ones because I know that they want the best for me and often time they will help me get there. Secondly, I found a team to help me achieve my goal. 
  4. Break down your goal, this is a very essential part of the process especially if you have a big goal. 
  5. Plan your 1st step, mine was research. I can’t stress out how important it is for you to research. 
  6. Keep it going: it is going to get harder, you are going to hit the rock, there is going to be a particular day when you will say I don’t want to this anymore more. Take that day off to pray, meditate, speak to people that care about, mess about on that day but make sure you are on it again the following day. 
  7. Whoop whoop haha, CELEBRATE the journey. It is so vital you celebrate the journey. 

At a private farm house resort in Sierra Leone 🇸🇱

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