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How I Started A £1500 Monthly Income Business With £35

May 16, 2017
How To Start A Business
Always way up your own situation before you make a decision, don’t look at other people’s life to make your own decision/s
Hey lovelies, this is a tell it all on how I began making my own money. I have finally decided to tell it all about how I started a £1500 monthly income business with £35, so that all you people asking me how I make money, will learn about one of the ways I make money. Make sure you are subscribed to my website to be the first to know about future money tips 
You don’t need millions to start a business 
often times, people message me to say they want to start their own business but they don’t have enough money to do so. Sometimes all you really need is a great idea and a little cash. 
It is very important to start small especially when you are starting a new business. 
Time management
You can actually start a business whilst working at your full time job. Just in case the business don’t work out as planned, you will still have your day job to fall back on. 
Leaving Your Job To Start A Business:
I wouldn’t advise anyone to leave their job completely to start a new business especially at the beginning of the business. Before you leave your job, make sure you have an income coming in to cover your bills. 
I made this mistake by following someone that lived in their grandparents house and didn’t really have any real bill to pay unlike me that had a private landlord and I was about to be homeless when I made that move.
Obviously, now I’ve been self employed for 2 years (let me know if you want me to write a post on being self employed). 
Always measure up your own situation before you make a decision, don’t look at other people’s life to make your own decisions. 
The Main Reason I Started A Business:
I started a business because I was always broke at the middle of each and every month with my full time job.
There was a time when I couldn’t afford transport money for work not talking about money to buy lunch (I guess I was bad at money management too). 
There were people I could have asked for money but then again I didn’t want people to question my ability of living by myself. So the striving and hard times continued. 
The Hard Times Motivated:
I tried so hard to look for a ‘Sugar Daddy’ but couldn’t find one (still looking lol). Shut out to all the losers that are quick to assume that a lady has a ‘Sugar Daddy’ because she is able to provide for herself and is living about the average. 
Since I didn’t succeed with finding a ‘Sugar Daddy,’ I had to come up with the next master plan (never stop trying and finding answers in life). 
My next option was to start designing extravagant earrings for sale. At first, I was thinking I need a studio to be working at, I need a huge sum of money to buy materials. 
So from what you have read above, you can clearly tell at this point that I did not have a budget to bring this business to life.
Never Stop Trying And Searching
So I search and search and found out that I can actually start a business from home. After all, that is how most of these big organisations started their multi million dollar Businesses (Disney, Google, Mattel etc). 
Basically, I came to the realisation that this could be done in my bed room. So I made a budget, find out where I can buy the items  needed to make an earring. I bought the items and made my 1st pair of earring which was absolutely loved by everyone I came across whilst I was wearing it.
I mean I got stopped on road by various types of people asking me where I got my earrings from. I was so quick to respond that I made them and are available for sale too. Since then, I knew that there was a market for it. 
I was studying business management at university at the time, so I knew the importance of doing market research before starting a business and also testing the product/service in the market. This went really well because my 1st pair of earrings did it all for me. 
I began getting orders from the 1st day I wore the earrings. I came to a realisation that there was a market for this, so I started my earring business in my bedroom selling via my social media platforms. 
I sold the 1st pair of earrings for £35 which was the cost of the materials I bought to start the business. So already, I had cover the cost, the extra materials left were used to make more earrings: this money was used to expand the business. 
It just blew from there, I kept on getting sales from strangers, colleagues, friends and family members.  
You Don’t Have To Start With What I Started With
If you have an idea, you can definitely start a business. You don’t necessarily have to start with what I started with.
This was my passion but you can totally find what your passion is and start working on it. 
It is very important to start a business with something you are passionate about and you believe in because the struggle is real and you are going to need all the power in this World to get going. 
I have no idea how I would make it happen but I was so confused it would happen. My boyfriend at the time said how are you going to make money of these, I still had no idea but I was so confident that people will buy my products. I made greater goals for myself and every single one of them happened. 
Success is no accident, living an incredible life is no accident. You have to do it on purpose and it starts by knowing exactly what is it you want to achieve, knowing why you want to achieve it, knowing the kind of person that you need to become in order to make it happen, programming your mind to make it happen, so you have to act accordingly. 
I hope you have enjoyed reading this, if you have an idea of other types of men to avoid, please comment below. 
Thank you very much for always showing me so much love. 
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