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June 13, 2014
‘Repeat this Affirmation: Is my strength, let me don’t give up. 
Hey Lovelies, I believe you are all doing great :).
One of the reasons I started this blog was to share my positive life with you all. I normally get questions like ‘why are you so positive and happy?’. In today’s post, I have put together 7 solid tips that I use in my life and which keeps me going on a daily basis.
The reason I’m a firm positive thinker is not because I get the perfect result I’m expecting all the time, but I accept the situation as it is at moment and work towards the perfect outcome whilst still being content with what I have now.
Right thinking at every moment, visualising the best and accepting the outcome of the situation, keeps us stable at that moment. We retain the strength, confidence and motivation to put in out best in the next moment.
Here are the 7 things that have worked for me, which I believe will work for you too :).  You can read a tip to freshen up your mind and affirm yourself everyday in a week as we have 7 tips on here, so maybe one every morning or evening.
‘Remember that you have to do it for yourself 1st before others can begin to feel the vibe.’
Do your best and accept the result. Believe me or not, no matter what the outcome is, you will have this great feelings of satisfaction within you.
Take control of your life. Stop the blame game and stop relying on others to make you feel happy or beautiful. For example, things like, my parents didn’t do this, my partner don’t tell me that I’m beautiful all the time, everyone talks about me etc.
Be happy with yourself and be content with what you have at the moment.
Enjoying the moment and happy throughout the journey of where you want to be. Know that your value is unconditional with humility, so respect yours and other’s value and power to face challenges of your value.
Connect with people that will speak, life, faith, vision into your future. People that understands their destinies just like how you understand yours. When you get around the right people, they would simply say good morning and your light will lit. Hello good morning, I hope you have a bright and beautiful day :).
Be around people that are not only with you, but are for you.
Leave alone trusting other people and trust yourself.
Stop speaking for all of us and speak for you. Understand that you can’t change people, you can only change you.
Let’s us be our original :). Thanks so much for you support and hope you see some amazing changes in your life.

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