March 5, 2014
Today’s word of wisdom to get you started :).
‘If we think of our bodies as a car, sleep recharges our batteries and food is our fuel. We wouldn’t put the wrong fuel in our car, so why put the wrong fuel in our bodies.’
Hello lovelies, I have put together SEVEN simple and quick healthy  breakfast recipes which will take you less than five minute to prepare in the morning as we normally don’t have enough time in to make an healthy breakfast.
I personally think it is very important to have a good meal plan and this doesn’t involve cereal, donuts, cakes and bread in the morning, although quick and easy, they have loads of sugar and make you feel hungry more often than you should.
1. Smoothies are the ideal breakfast for those on the go. Talk about ease. If you have a reliable blender or food processor, you are on your way to a powerhouse of a morning treat:
Green breakfast smoothie.
1/2 lime with zest
1/2 ginger
A handful of kale
1 green apple
Blend all until smooth and pour in a nice crystal glass :).
2. Yogurt, berries and banana smoothie.
2 table spoon of Alpro Soya yogurt
A handful of blackberries
A handful of strawberries
1 banana
1/2 ginger
Blend all until smooth and pour in a nice crystal glass :).
3. Couscous, Greek yogurt and berries ideal for breakfast.
3 table spoon of cooked couscous
2 table spoon of Greek yogurt
A handful of blue berries
A tea spoon of honey
Put 3 table of couscous into a round bowl, add 2 table spoon of Greek yogurt in the bowl and mixed, sprinkle a handful of blueberries on the mixture. It can be serve by itself of you can add a tea spoon of honey to it.
4. Smoothies and yogurts aren’t the only healthy options, you can also have tuna, scramble egg and cherry tomatoes breakfast.
1/2 a tin of tuna
2 eggs
5 cherry tomatoes
Scramble the egg in a frying pan on medium heat, you can either use butter or water to do so.
Pour into a nice crystal plate and add your tuna and cherry tomatoes to it and enjoy your meal.
5. Fresh fruits mix and a glass of water are also ideal for breakfast.
A handful of Grapes
A handful of Strawberries
A handful of Raspberries
A Banana
An Apple
1/2 Lime
Wash and cut fruits, put onto a plate and serve with a glass of water :).
6. Fresh juices are also an easy on the go healthy and detoxing breakfast.
Fresh carrot and lime juice.
A bunch of carrots
1/2 Lime
Juice the carrots by using a juicer, pour into a glass, squeeze 1/2 lime into the juice and serve.
7. Energy boost juice.
2 Beet root
2 sticks of Celery
1 Apple
1/2 Cucumber
1/2 Lime
Juice everything with a juicer, pour into a glass, squeeze 1/2 lime into it and serve :).
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