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March 4, 2014
Hello lovelies, I thought it will be nice to show you what’s in my shopping bag and not only how to cook them :). As you can see, there are no processed food in my basket, everything is fresh.
Eating fresh food and cooking my own meals has made a big difference in my health and life. I know exactly what’s going in my body and I feel lighter apart from the days I over eat lol.
This food will last me for the week because I live by myself and I don’t need a lot of food. I always make use of leftovers from the previous week.
personally like shopping at Marks & Spenser (M&S) because the quality of their food is great and they always have great bargains on fresh food. These items will cost the same in any other supermarket because healthy and fresh food are expensive anywhere you go, so it is up to you really.
I  got 3 packs of fresh salmon for £10. There is 2 salmon fillet in each pack, so this will last you for 6 days if you cook 1 each day.
As you might have noticed, almost all of my dishes are made with salmon.
I got a bunch of 4 bananas for 51p, that’s an amazing deal. I love bananas, I eat 2 bananas a day, one in the morning when I wake up and one at night before I sleep.
I got a pack of lemons and lime for £1.79p, that’s pricey but you are guaranteed a juicy lime/lemon. I eat lemon/lime with almost everything I pass through my mouth hahaha.
I got courgettes, mushrooms and spinach (I can’t remember their prices). I normally steam these or slow cook them in olive oil before eating them. They are my favourites vegetables.
I got lettuce 99p and tomatoes 99p per pack to make salad.
I got Avocado for £1.49p each. I eat an avocado almost every day. I love it.
I also got some cooking oil (olive oil and vegetable oil). Because I needed to restock them. These will last me for a very long time.


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