May 20, 2014
Hey lovelies, so I was feeling peckish and just didn’t have anything I can snack on at home, so I decided to make some pancakes since I have the ingredients and is easy to prepare once you know what to do.
As some of you might already know, I decided to go Vegetarian from a Pescetarian for the summer period and if it all goes well, I will remain a Vegetarian: this means I can’t eat the normal pancakes. So far, the journey has been challenging but fun at the same time and I’m loving it.
Take a look at my recipe to see the products I used and how you can make yours at home.
I didn’t use any accurate measurements, everything was eye measured, lol what do you expect from me I’m African and above all, I didn’t have time for all that measuring thing, I was too hungry and just wanted food.
Plain Flour
Barking powder
Vegetable oil
Wooden spoon
Frying pan
Step 1
Pour some flour,  1/3 teaspoon salt, sugar, 1/2 teaspoon barking powder, jam, peeled kiwi, water into a blender and blend the mixture.
Step 2
Put a dry frying pan on a low heat stove, pour a tiny bit of sunflower oil onto it, allow the oil to hit up for about a minute. Pour some mixture into the hot frying pan, allow it to hit for about 1/2 minute or so to cook, flip the pancake over with a flat wooden spoon or a pan slice, the other side will take a couple of seconds to cook. Once it’s golden brown, simply place it on a clean dry plate. You can repeat the same procedure for the rest of the mixture.
Step 3
Wash the kiwi, using a sharp knife, peel the brown skin off and sliced it.
Step 4
To serve, place a pancake or two on a nice crystal plate, add some sliced Kiwi onto it and sprinkle some honey and lemon on it.


Enjoy :).
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