How to make Red velvet cake

February 26, 2014
Let’s be real, the name itself it’s a big deal. What was scaring me at 1st, was how I’m gonna make a cake taste/feel velvety??? Now I know how a velvet feel like because it’s one of my favourite fabrics, but I sure don’t  know how it tastes lol.
‘Sometimes, it all begins when you take the first step’
One day, I was craving for red velvet cake. But there was a problem of traveling cost in addition to the price (£2.50) for red velvet cup cake and ….. So I decided to make it at home which would last me for a couple of days and would also give me the opportunity to learn something new.
‘Always try to find solutions to your problems instead of causing unnecessary stress to yourself’ 
My 1st slice tasted so delicious. It melted in my mouth like butter in a hot pan :).


I felt so accomplished and proud of myself to be able to make something I thought was too delicate to make. But if I had not taken the 1st step by researching how to make  a red velvet cake, which boosted my confidence to go into Sainsbury’s supper market to buy the ingredients, some of which I already had in my kitchen, it would have been in my head that it is impossible to make my own.
Whilst baking the cake in a paper case, one of them exploded in the oven,ha ha, I had to stop for a minute to clean because I hate cooking in a messy kitchen.
As if that wasn’t enough for me, whilst melting the white chocolate, it got burnt (I did it on high heat because I wanted it to melt very quickly lol) so I had to melt another chocolate (luckily, I had bought some extras). I will advice you to take your time whilst baking and buy some extra ingredients because you don’t want any of these obstacles to stop you from baking your ‘First Red Velvet Cake’ haha.
Here is the web link ( I got the recipe from a great and timeless American red velvet cake with a white chocolate cheese toppings.
Even thou I tweaked around with the recipe whilst trying to bake my 1st red velvet cake, the recipe wasn’t my  idea, it was provided by and was written by Pal.
I would say, to knowledge yourself, research and action are very important in life.
 Don’t just talk about it, DO IT. 
I hope this helps as I have attached a link to the website.
Thanks for reading and stay tuneddd for more interesting posts :).

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