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August 10, 2014


‘She believes in team work: that’s why she strongly believes that teaming with your friends to choose an outfit will help you get the best look :).’
As a female, one of the things I tend to struggle with the most when I’m out shopping, is choosing the right outfit.  Sometimes I just wished I had  a friend that will follow me whenever I’m out shopping so that I can get their opinion when trying on outfits lol. Unfortunately, because of everyone’s busy schedule, which doesn’t allow one to see their friends as often as they might want to, the fastest way to communicate with friends in the 21st century is by the means of social media. Hence, is the reason why a new app ‘Looks Good On Me’ have been developed to help us all have a second or third opinion from our friends when choosing an outfit at anytime and anywhere.
To take a deep into this app and the minds that created it, I decided to do an interview with one of the Co-founders of the app Tatjana and also to share her story as an entrepreneur to help motivate other entrepreneurs wanting to start their own business.
Matt who is Tatjana’s business partner, a brain behind the app have been extremely supportive and have worked hard for their vision to come to life.
Looks good on me app
This is an Inspirational interview to help motivate others to follow their dreams and at the same time learning about a fabulous app.
Here is the interview questions and answers:

1. Tell us about your business? 

We at ‘Looks Good On Me’ team are on a mission to make the whole clothes shopping experience far less stressful and more enjoyable – from start to finish! We want to make the fashion faux pas a thing of the past.
Our app will transform your friends into your own private panel of fashion advisors that can give you feedback on your outfit choices whenever you need it. It’ll be like having a personal stylist in your pocket!

2. What sets you apart from other fashion apps?

There have been similar fashion apps out there before, such as Fashism or Go Try It On, but they all had to shut down eventually and we believe we know why they failed. In their apps, if you wanted feedback on your outfit, you had to post a picture in the OPEN community. The result was – abusive comments from people you don’t know, who probably don’t even have any sense of style!
Personally, when I shop clothes, all I want to hear is my friends’ opinion! They know my style and I trust them with their feedback!
That’s why we are creating an app that allows you to send your pictures to all your fashion advisors simultaneously giving them a time limit to respond so that you get a quick over feedback on your outfit!
We also have a few other secret features – but you have to wait until the launch of the app in November to find out what they are! 🙂

3. When was the 1st time you realised you had no limitations?

After my graduation – that’s when I decided to become an entrepreneur!
The great thing about having your own business is that you have so much more control over your career than being an employee.
It’s all in your hands!

4. When was the moment that your big door/opportunity open?

My university friend Matthew invited me to become his business partner and develop this app with him, so I thought – why not?
I love fashion, I love mobile apps – I love the idea! 😀

5. What inspires you?

I get most of my inspiration from people who surround me.
I think I’m very lucky with that respect, as I know lots of ambitious and successful entrepreneurs – they give me the strength to carry on whenever it gets tough.

6. What are some of the obstacles you faced and how have you over come them?

Ah, where should I start? Haha
Being an entrepreneur means that you constantly have to face obstacles and try to overcome them.
Our biggest obstacle at the moment are finances. My business partner and I already invested all of our savings into the business, but it’s still not enough to develop a good fashion app.
That’s why we decided to start a Kickstarter campaign. Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform that allows people to support entrepreneurs in their dream to create something new and amazing.
In order to pay our developers we need to raise £20,000 within 30 days! Kickstarter works on All-or-Nothing principle, meaning that if we don’t hit our target on time, we won’t get a penny! No pressure…
We hope that people share our vision to revolutionise the shopping experience and back us with their pledges.
In return, they can get some really cool rewards like genius mirrored phone cases, VIP tickets to our launch event, designer shirts and many more!
If everyone would pledge at least £5 and then ask their friends to pledge £5, they would contribute massively to the project! Together we can make it happen!
And just remember, you will get the App for FREE and it will save you a lot of TIME and MONEY once its launched! 😀

7. What have your learnt so far?

Personally, I learned that it’s important to compromise.
Also, you have to be flexible with your project  – our App has changed IMMENSELY from its idea stage to where it is now!

8. What makes you smile or how do you make you love ones smile :)?  

Well, usually I wake up with a smile because I’m excited about what the day ahead will bring!
Sometimes I’m walking in a busy street, smiling to myself and people who look at me smile back, because smiling is contagious! Haha
But when the times are tough and I’m stressed, its actually my business partner, Matthew, who makes me smile.
I really appreciate him for that, because he always cracks jokes on our business meetings and it releases the tension and makes you much more optimistic about the situation.

9. What advice would you give to upcoming Entrepreneurs?

Have faith in yourself!!! If you believe you can do it – everyone else will believe that as well.
Here is the link to sponsor this project:
Please go and donateas little as £5 and share the message with your friends :). 
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