Red jumpsuit outfit details

March 8, 2014
Wear what you feel comfortable in, forget about the size or what’s in fashion because they don’t matter….. 
Hello lovelies, I went out last night after two months. I had a great time without drinking or taking any drugs. Well initially, I was never a drinker really but I gave it a try like 2 years ago and I just drank occasionally. But at the begging of this year, I thought to myself that alcohol makes no difference in my life apart from it making me feel blotted and paranoid, so I decided to never drink again…..
I put my health 1st because I’ve seen people that lost everything they’ve worked so hard and dreamt for in life through alcohol or drugs. Nothing comes between me and my health.
I feel amazing I would like to think my system is cleaned from all the alcohol I have had before :).  As the saying goes, ‘ Life gives you a fresh start, every moment you wish to start: don’t let anything hold you back from starting what your heart desires today.’
Lol hope my little story inspired you and hope the outfit details will influence your style too :).
Outfit details 
Hair: done by myself from scratch (pending blog post).
Makeup: done by myself (check the makeup products blog post I did, if you would like to know the products I use on my face.
Jumpsuit: From a Camden town
Red jumpsuit outfit details
Shoes: EBay
Bag: Chanel
Belt: get it for free in the shop I bought the dress because the sales girls love me there :).
Hand cuffs: New Look
Red jumpsuit
Rings: Claire’s accessories
NailPolish: BarryM
Lizzy Lozzo shoes
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Thanks stay positive and stay tuneddd for more interesting posts :).

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