A Special Event Of Music And Inspiration Held In Support Of The Flood Victims Of Sierra Leone In Conjunction With Street Child Headlined By Yasmin Kadi And Other Talented Artists

October 5, 2017

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In aid of Sierra Leone’s flood victims, Yasmin Kadi has decided to organise an Afrobeats concert where she and other talented Sierra Leonean artists will be performing to help raise money and awareness about the situation Continue Reading…

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Inspirational Interview With Angela Betancourt On Working In Sierra Leone As An Expert From New Jersey/Miami For Adam Smith On The SOBA Programme

September 18, 2017

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‘Sometimes it’s ok to not know the answer or know how things will turn out – Angela Betancourt.’

To answer questions about working in Sierra Leone, I decided to do an interview with an expert who has worked in Sierra Leone for two years to help us get a better understanding on what it’s like to work in Sierra Leone as I haven’t worked in Sierra Leone Continue Reading…


Why You Should Ditch Guys That Asks If You Live By Yourself At The Beginning Of Your Getting To Know Each Other Conversation

August 31, 2017

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Guys that asks if you live by yourself at the beginning of your getting to know each other conversation, are just a no go area. You can call me the guys finisher because my Psychic Ass just knows how to read these fuck boys out here Continue Reading…