June 21, 2014
New black, now orange
Hey Lovelies, I would like to think you are all doing great :). Well the sun has been out in London Town which is making me pop my colours out. I’ve been wearing lots of colours  recently. I love colours, they just brighten up my day :). Colours looks great on my skin too, so that another great reason for me to wear them. 
I have recently fallen in love with trousers, I just love them especially high waisted ones because they tend to define my curvy figure. As some of you might already know, I love baggy (oversized clothes) because I just feel supper comfortable in them as I can move around freely lol.

The orange top was originally a shirt but I customised it to a v-neck low cut top. The idea came in my head whilst I was buttoning up my shirt. Because I found buttoning long, I decided to try something else, I absolutely love the result as you can see haha. I enjoy adding my own personal twist to my outfits, this is why I buy plain clothes most of the time.

Lorenzo photograph picturing my orange top
Outfit Details
Top: Primark
Trousers: Peacocks
Nail Polish: BarryM Mint
Bag: Chanel

Shoes: Primark

The pictures were taken by Lorenzo, for a chance to win a free photo session with Lorenzo, go too Right Eye Dominant and fill out your details on the form and if you want to become a photographer like Lorenzo, book the workshops on:  Right Eye Dominant
yes it’s says on the form workshop information
Thanks very much for your support :).
Stay positive and happy.
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