Natural Makeup Look Tutorial

March 9, 2014
Makeup tutorial
I don’t really need much makeup because I have an even and flawless skin. So if you feel the need to add any extra whilst applying your makeup, you can do so.
The most important part of your beauty routine is to keep your skin clean. Once you have the perfect skin to paint on, it will make the process easier and you wouldn’t need to use much makeup.
I actually started using making because of my oily natural skin. I found out that make reduces the oiliness on my face and it  gives me a nice glow :).
Here is the 7 simply steps I use to apply my makeup.

Step 1

I always moisturise my face before applying any makeup. I then fill in my eye brows using a mascara and shape it using a concealer darker than my actual makeup colour to achieve the natural look.
This is how I look after doing my eye brows and the eye makeup. I haven’t any foundation yet, so this is also my natural skin look.

Step 2

Apply Johnson baby powder (or any powder of your choice) as a primer. You will find out that I use a lot of powdered and solid makeup on my face because I have an oily skin. So this helps to prevent my face from getting oily.

Step 3 

Using a foundation brush, I apply a little amount of my liquid Giorgio Armani’s foundation all over my face making sure it blends in with my skin.
This is the look I got after blending in my foundation:

Step 4

Apply concealer to highlight under my eyes, upper lip and along my nose line using my finger tip or a concealer brush. I use real technic blending brush.
Natural makeup

Step 5

Whilst allowing that to dry up, I do my lips. Using a lip bam, I moisturise my lips, then I line my lips using a brown lip/eye liner and number 150 nude lip stick by Barry M to give it the finish nude look.

Step 6

I set my makeup using NW47 Mac studio fix foundation. This is applied all over my face.

Step 7

Using sleep 101 powdered foundation, I contour my jaw line and  nose line to define those areas.
Here is the finish look, my hide was wrapped so that the focus will just be on the face.
Hope this tutorial helps, leave a comment bellow if you have any questions :).
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