November 20, 2014
Hey lovelies, I believe you are all doing great. 
In the beginning of November, I was feeling kinda excited so I went for a little shopping spree and I picked up some really cute items that were very cheap but looks oh-la-la  so good haha. All the items were love at 1st sight so I just bought them anyways :). Check out my November favourite.
1. Blue Top: is from a shop called Select. It was on sale for £4:99. The fabric it’s really good and its stretchy too. As some of you might already know, I love this shade of blue maybe my favourite colour. I haven’t worn this yet but I will do so soon.
2. Pink Top: is from eBay, I can’t remember the name of the seller but if I do, I will include it in the post. It was on for £3.99 or £4:99 I can’t really remember(old age lol). I really loved the fit of this top, I got it in small because I wanted it to be fitted. I did not wear a bra with this as the fabric is really light and a bra wouldn’t have done justice to it, so a wore a nipple cover which more or less does the same job of a bra for small chested people like me lol. I wore it for a night out and I’ve done a blog post on it. Here is the link: (
3. Black Celine Paris Crop Top: it was bought in Camden Market for £7.99 (the original price was £15 so be sure to bargain the price down with a smile on your face haha). It’s a cropped top but it’s the kind of crop that you will like to wear every day because the fabric is really think, great for the winter and its just about the length of the belly button. I have over wore this top in the month of November already, it seems like it’s my only top at the moment lol.
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