My New Fitness Gym Routine – Pop The Curves

May 6, 2017

Best Fitness Gym Routine Ever

My New Fitness Gym Routine - Pop The Curves

Learn To Love Yourself At Every Stage Of Your Life

Hey lovelies, I hope you are all doing great? I’m feeling so energetic and excited as I embark on my new fitness journey after being away from the gym for almost a year. I’m back and I would love for you all to come along with me.

The reason I’ve decided to share my regime with you lovelies is because I’ve been getting lots of compliments at the gym from strangers but who are also my gym mates, some of them follow my workout techniques whilst I’m working out and at the end of it, they will ask if I have more workout techniques to teach them haha.

I must be doing something really good and interesting for them to want to learn from me. One of my inspirations for writing this post today is a getting a compliment from a lovely adult citizen on how flexible and energetic I am, this touched my heart and made me want to do more.

My New Fitness Gym Routine - Pop The Curves

Week one

I’ve been consistent at the gym for three weeks now yay

I went to the gym for three days because I want my body to adjust to the gym gradually as I planned on increasing the number of days in week two. I normally walk to the gym which is about 10/15 minutes walk away from my house, so this is my main cardio. When I get to the gym, I warm up for about 5 minutes then I move on to the climbing step machine for 20 minutes (it’s my favourite machine to use at the gym). After this, I stretch out for a minute the do some back exercise for 10 mins and 10 minutes on tummy, leg and arm exercise.

My New Fitness Gym Routine - Pop The Curves

Week two

My second inspiration is this song: Shape of you by Ed Sheeran ft Stormzy, the amount of time the talk about shape in this song really inspired me to getting back in shape. I went to the gym for 5 days, as you can tell, I do it gradually for my body to not be in super shock. I did the same exercise routine that I did in week one because I want my body to get used to these routines before I incorporate some new ones.

My New Fitness Gym Routine - Pop The Curves

Week three

loving and being happy with the person

My third inspiration is loving and being happy with the person I am at any stage of my life. This is vital when it comes to moving forward in life because instead of you spending hours on being miserable, you will love yourself which triggers you to be more productive.

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I’ve been going to the gym for 7 days in a row. Yes it feels amazing and I’m super proud of myself. I’ve been doing the same routines from week one but I incorporated a new routine (high jumps using the bench).I know I put on some weight during my very long stay in Sierra Leone but I’m making an effort to get some pounds off just to feel a little lighter, I’m already feeling lighter at week three. This might sound weird but I really do like my new body shape. To me what is more important when it comes to my body is having a healthy and firm body. What is more important to you? Write your answer down and work towards it. It’s very important to know what you want in life and how you are going to get there.

Thanks so much for your constant support, stay turneddddd for more posts and always feel free to send a request about to write about a topic.

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