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Inspirational Interview With Inspirational Speaker Prince Schulz By Lizzy Lozzo

August 15, 2017

Prince of Free Your Mind and Be3 movement is an Inspirational Speaker who has managed to touch people all around the World.

I have witnessed kids, adults, privileged, less privileged etc get so much joy in saying ‘Free Your Mind and Be3’. I found that so amazing and it touched my soul in a way I can never be able to explain but just be thankful to you.

Following the movement on social media has been so informative and inspiring. I believe a lot of people will love to know more about Prince and possibly pick up some tips from him and his experiences.

To achieve this, Prince was asked 10 questions which he has answered very clearly and ever so inspiring.

1.Tell us about Free Your Mind and Be3 and how it all started?

Free Your Mind and Be3 all started with myself, when I was younger people always misjudged my body language and gestures as arrogance, pride or simply not caring but it was more a feeling of being alienated, a foreigner in a distant land. So I accepted those who accepted me at the time. I became an outlaw in the eyes of society and unfortunately my role models were a few years older and none the wiser, so I got myself involved in a lot of negative activities. So I realised that when I was with my (friends) I felt so much pressure that I could not be open to no one around me and that I was living a life to please others, so when I grew up and came out of all the peer pressure I always wanted to help people to be themselves, love themselves and most importantly to free their mind from negativity, toxic people and distractions.

2. When was the 1st time you realised you had no limitations to pursue your dream?

The first time I realised I did not have any limitation and that sky was not my limit was when one of my friends wanted to commit suicide and I was on the phone to her for a few hours telling her about the qualities and abilities she has to change people’s life. I realised that the words that come out my mouth are overly powerful and that God gave me a gift to speak life into people.

3. Tell us more about why you decided to call your brand ‘Free Your Mind and Be3’?

The reason I decided to call my brand “Free Your Mind and Be3” is because I realised when I started to de-select friends and to let go of the things that are not in my power to change I felt so happy within so I kept on saying to my family and friends just “Free Your Mind” and after a while it just stuck and the “Be3” part comes from being interconnected with your “Mind, Body and Soul” once you free your mind from all negativity you can then start loving yourself and concentrate on your Body and Spirit in order to be in tuned.

4. You come across very confident, have you always been this confident?

Yes, I have always been this confident because I remember from when I was young I was the one that always wanted to try something different and my parents use to call me “ The Fearless Stubborn Child”. It all started from young when my father use to tell me that I can be whatever I want to be.

5. What are some of the obstacles you have faced and how have you overcome them?

I face obstacles every day when I look in the mirror, whenever I wake up I talk to myself and say I can do it because what most people have to overstand is: while you are praying and fighting for your blessings there are people out there most of the time internal people who are praying against it. So you have to go harder and be consistent in whatever you are doing. If you are just doing what you do for approval or for acknowledgement for people, guess what? You already lost. So yes to answer your question everyday am breathing is a fight but I love it because I know there are people out there that need to hear what I have to say.

6. What have your learnt so far as a Inspirational Speaker?

I have learned to not put your hopes and trust in humans and to trust the higher power and believe in yourself. I have realised a lot since I`ve been speaking, people need to hear your story. Your MESS is a gateway for people your struggle is what connects with people, that’s why I tell people to never be afraid to share their story and to really highlight the messy parts = MESSage

7. What makes you smile or how do you make your love ones smile :)?

The spirit of people make me smile, seeing that we all live in a broken world but that we are still chasing our dreams no matter the obstacles.

8. I know you are a family oriented person and I admire you for that. Those your parents support you as an Inspirational Speaker?

Yes definitely my parents are absolutely behind me and I never knew that they will take the advice that I am giving out and change their lives because my mother told me that since she’s been watching my videos she and my family members have come together to say how proud they are and are more open to each other as well.

9. What advice would you give to upcoming Inspirational Speakers especially those from the African background who might have parents that are not supportive?

Be consistent, have patience and never let go of faithfulness once you unlock these 3 keys you will have the power to achieve anything in life. But before you do what your heart desire I would say make sure you have your foundations set meaning get your education done before so your African parents can`t come and say “ You see, I told you, if you would have gone to school this wouldn`t have happened hahaha)

10. How can we find you on social media?

On social media you can find me on –

Instagram: @Mr3yourmind

YouTube: Free Your Mind and Be3 Show, Facebook : Free Your Mind and Be3

Thank you very much for always showing me so much love.

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