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Inspirational Interview With Celebrity Dancer Marjo Lagah-Bona Of Cocorobics By Lizzy Lozzo

August 9, 2017

‘Even if you are not the best you can become the greatest if you are just humble and persistent at what you want in life – Marjo’

Hey lovelies, I hope you are all doing amazing. Today I have a very inspirational interview with Marjo of Cocorobics in which she has tell us all about her career journey so far.

Marjo is a very unique dancer and is currently my favourite dancer in the industry.

The 1st time I came across Marjo’s dancing was on YouTube in late 2016 when she made a dance video to one of my favourite songs ‘Cher Am by LXG’ . I couldn’t stop wow’ing and most especially at her bravery and confidence.

Following Marjo on social media has been so informative and inspiring. I believe a lot of people will love to know more about Marjo and her dance career which is why I decided to interview her.

Below are the questions Marjo was asked and her answers, I have been left very inspired by her answers, I hope you gain something from it too.

1. Tell us about your Dance career and how it all started?
My dance career started when I was about 11 years old. I had my first performance at my aunt’s baby shower and from that day everyone who needed entertainment at events such as weddings, shows, baby showers, competitions contacted my mom and it just took off from there. Also I formed an african dance group with my cousins and we started to perform with and amazing classic artist from Sierra Leone named Big Joe. That was the starting of something great! He toured with us and it took off from there.

2. When was the 1st time you realised you had no limitations to pursue your dream?
The first time I realized there were no limitations…..hummm. Well, I would say it has been a series of times when God suprised me with new blessings and higher level entertainment buisness deals.
One of my biggest dream came true when I stared as a lead dancer in Davido ft Dj Ararfat 2014 Naughty Video.
My second suprise besides all the great things I’ve done in between such as creating my own african dance fitness program, was having a woman I admire so much and consider a mentor and big sister is Yandy Smith from Love and Hip Hop New York took my dance class and recommended me to other amazing people. It was super amazing. Right now I feel like I am flying right into my dream world.


3. Tell us more about why you decided to call your brand ‘Cocorobics’?
My brand is Called “Cocorobics” because people usually call me Coco and aerobic dance workout is what I specialize in so I decided to word play with the two and I got Cocorobics :-).
I felt like it was what people wanted, what I do, so I had to personalize the name and let them know that they are getting a piece of me in Cocorobics!

4. You dance to a lot of Afro beats which you are mostly admired for and have also worked with a lot of the Afro beats big names and in the USA celebrity scene too. What inspires that?
I feel like my passion inspires me to do everything I do. I am a go getter so anytime I see an opportunity I can work with or I create something in my head, I go for it.
I practice alot and I always look for new things to do when it comes to entertainment. I dont limit myslef. I perform, I teach, and most of all I learn.
I have worked with so many people such as Davido, Wizkid, J Martins, MC Galazy,Eddy Kenzo, Friday the Cellphone man, Grize, Emmerson, Star MeloD, Timaya, Shady Baby, Tekno, Tiwa Savage, Fuze ODG, so many prominent artists and dancers just to name a few.

5. What are some of the obstacles you’ve faced and how have you over come them?
Wow, this question gets me everytime. I feel like the judgemenatal part of what I do will always be a factor since I’m a female entertainer and some people may not see the vision and beauty in what I do.
There are so many sterotypes and misconceptions when it come to female entertainers and unfortunately its really hard for people in the African community to appreciate and support my brand and talent beacause its not something they are exposed or used to.
Some people used to feel as if I was crazy when I started my dancing career and said I was wasting my time, its nonsence and I will never make it but I’m a person who is persistant when it come to things I love and that makes me happy.
I’m just that type of woman who doesnt listen to other and will never stop until im satisfied with what I am doing.
I’ve overcome by being right with God and always praying, being a good person and staying focused on the prize.

6. What have your learnt so far as a dancer?
I’ve learnt that as a dancer, you should always be humble and willing to learn. Always be creative and always be polite. Character will get you a long way. Even if you are not the best you can become the greatest if you are just humble and persistant at what you want in life. Dancing is something that has to come from the soul and if you do it for the wrong reasons it will never be felt. It has to be a passion!

7. What makes you smile or how do you make your love ones smile :)?
What makes me smile is me seeing my loved ones happy and making a difference in people’s lives. When people tell me how much I inspire them because of my journey gives me so much motivation to keep pushing.

8. Are you considering to have your own dance school some day?
Yes I am. My whole goal is to have a Cocorobics studio where others can feel comfortable to be themselves, learn how to dance, stay healthy and find themselves.
I want to be able to do so much and give back to the world through dance such as Charity events, donations, school and food drives and also dance fitness classes. Hopefully the time will come. If anyone wants to donate to Cococrobics Workshop it will be (gofundme/cocorobicsworkshop).

9. What advice would you give to upcoming dancers especially those from the African (Sierra Leonean) background who might have parent that tell them to go to school or go get a job instead of following their dancing careers?
I would first say that it is not easy to convince African parents that dancing is a career, just make sure you put education first and still work hard at your dream so they can see that what you are doing is worth it.
Its going to be hard work and dedication. I feel like I am a great example that dancing can be a career and you can still get your education and follow your dream.
My mom was very supportive of me. She is my backbone, biggest critic and biggest supporter/fan. She always pushed me to my fullest potential even when I was shamed for it, She told me to never give up and supported me all the way .

10. How can we find you on social media?
Instagram: Cocolateluv
Facevook: Cocorobics workshop
Facebook Personal: Marjo Bona

Thanks so much for your constant support, stay turneddddd for more posts and always feel free to send a request or recommend someone you would like us to interview.

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