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Inspirational Interview With TV Presenter Naberay Bangura By Lizzy Lozzo

August 11, 2017

How To Be A Tv Presenter

Naberay is one person I know that has been pushing the Sierra Leonean entertainment industry constantly and has grown so much with her Presenting career over the past years.

Naberay has recently also launched her own line of accessories called ‘CB Accessories.’

There is so much we can learn from this inspiring lady which is why she has been interviewed.

Naberay was ask 10 questions which she has answered in her own words to present to us her story.

1. How did your Presenting/entrepreneur career started?

Before starting my TV Presenting roles, I took part in Miss Sierra Leone UK 2004 I came second runner up. This is where I started to get approached for film roles, modeling jobs & singing gigs in addition to TV work.
However, I really started my TV Presenting by a message that was sent to me on Facebook. A TV Show were looking for a new female face in addition to their two male presenters. One of the team contacted me saying they liked my pictures on fb & the status’ that I posted which were motivational quotes/entrepreneurial.
They invited me down for an interview/informal chat. I met the team they liked me and I got the role.
Our show was an in-house show on Klear TV called ‘The Swateam Select Show’ with my co hosts Easy E & Double A. It’s funny because I knew nothing about the auditions & I got the role. I always say favour is indeed a beautiful thing.

How My Business Started?
In regards to my business, I have always had an entrepreneur flair & knew from a very young age I would want to have my own business.
My first business which is still operating started off from my trip to SL in 2015-2016 I saw a lot of business opportunities on the ground & came back to London excited.
It is a boutique style business, selling clothes, shoes, bags, makeup & toiletries for women and men the business is called NB Enterprise. Which stands for (Naberay Bangura Enterprise).
My business in the U.K. started off as fun, I made a home Choker wore it and posted videos and pics on my Snapchat. I then got a few people on there asking me where I got my Choker from, I said I made it. Shocked they asked me to make them some & I said of course but at a price which they agreed. I reflected on the moment & said to myself chokers are bang on trend right now I could capitalize on this. I spoke to my mentor about it and a close friend & they encouraged me to go for it. That is where the then CB Chokers was birthed but I knew I wanted to add more accessories to the range & later changed the name to CB Accessorise, CB (Catherine Bans) Catherine is one of my names.
We sell Unisex sunglasses for men & women which a couple of professional footballers have been wearing, we also sell Chokers, body chains, hats, clear fashion shades, clutch bags, shoes, earrings, bracelets, belly chains to name a few, basically all your fashion accessories. As they say the rest is history & I am continuously working on improving my brand.

2. When was the 1st time you realised you had no limitations?

I realized this through a bad period in my life, I was going through a personal hard time & then the saying I hold onto popped in my head. Which is: you are your greatest asset & your worst liability. That point I said snap out of it, this is life we all go through ups and downs and the only person holding you back is yourself. I believe every situation we go through can either make us better or we can allow it to cripple us. Everything starts in the mind first. That’s when it hit me, I have no limitations only the ones I put in front of me. So I changed my mindset, looked at things in a realistic but also very positive mindset & things started to change. I started to slowly let go of what I was going through & allowed it to make me better not bitter.

3. When was the moment that your big door/opportunity open?

I would say the more presenting jobs I got the more contacts I made in networking etc. I always say every time I get booked to host a show I have to get another gig from that or make a contact from it. And indeed every time I do a show I have got booked for other shows from there or made a good contact. That is not being boastful at all but it’s putting your best foot forward as you are a brand.
I hosted the AWOL Awards UK in 2016 & we know if your from SL & friends of SL that AWOL is the biggest award ceremony in the SL community with branches in SL, Canada, America, Holland & London etc. The platform introduced me to more prominent high standing people in society world wide.
I was honored, because of my performance in the 2016 AWOL Awards that the organization asked me again this year 2017 to host the event for the second time running. The first year I hosted it with my co host Madani who is an exceptional host I had worked with prior who told AWOL about my work and professionalism & this years AWOL I hosted the event with my co host Spokeman to the President of Sierra Leone, Honourable Mr Ajiibu Tejan Jalloh. From hosting the show twice many opportunities have come my way..

4. What is the most important presentation you have done in your career so far and how did you prepared for it?

I would say every presentation I have done so far has molded me into the presenter I am today and preparing me for what is to come for my future in presenting. From the in studio shows, TV interviews, red carpet events, discussion panels I moderated I.e Beam Talks by Mariama Kamara & recently I am a News Anchor on AYVTV International it has all been and continues to be part of my journey.
I like to keep abreast with my industry by reading books, looking at various presenting techniques because hosting an entertainment show is very different to reading the news which you have to read from a TelePrompTer, your posture is also different. It is also good to take part in presenting workshop events. I also look at past video footage presenting which I have done in order to critique myself, see what I can improve on and what I did well that I can enhance. This is vital as you always have to be top of your game.

5. What are some of the obstacles you have faced and how have you over come them?

There are various obstacles mainly the over competitiveness in the Industry & Catiness in addition to certain male advances. I try to step back and look at things before reacting so quickly & be professional. Once people see you don’t mix matters & work is work there is a level of respect that is built up.

6. What have your learnt so far?

I have learnt a lot!! Lol, but what I can say is that with hard work, determination & discipline nothing is impossible. You have to put in the work, learn to network, turn your obstacles into opportunities & always go extra hard. Run your own race you are not in competition with anyone everyone’s journey is different & if you can help people along the way, do so.

7. What makes you smile or how do you make your love ones smile?

Simple things really, I love good food that makes me smile & makes me extremely happy. I love good music, as you maybe aware I sing mainly in Choir.
I am happy/touched when people I don’t & do know both young and older send me messages on social media that I inspire them & they have been watching my journey that really amazes me. I believe it’s about making an impact and one of substance.
My close friends and family also make me smile, laughing uncontrollably with them & feeling that love is priceless. I love motivating people, my friends and family would say I do that a lot I like to get people’s spirits high reassure them they are going to be fine & not to give up no matter the circumstances.

8. Where do you see yourself in five years as a Presenter/Entrepreneur?

In five years time, God willing I will be higher up in my TV Presenting career not just concentrating on the Afro-Caribbean market but branching out to the European market.
Entrepreneur wise, my business would have expanded not just in SL & the UK but in other parts of the world.

9. What advice would you give to upcoming Presenters/Entrepreneurs?

In terms of presenting firstly ask yourself are you doing this for the right reasons not for the fame but for the real passion you have for your craft. If the answer is yes then go for it, have that drive and know that things won’t be smooth sailing there will be times you think can you go on? and the answer is yes. Research your market, study your craft at university if you can, attend networking events, if possible send an email or letter to work as a running and shadow a presenter at your local tv station.

In regards to entrepreneurship the same in terms of studying your industry & being abreast with the market you intend in doing business, look at your competition what is it they are doing that you could improve on or do even more of. Remember to never give up, there will be times you feel like quitting but don’t. Most importantly write down you goals & visions and also write down your objectives how do you intend on obtaining these goals. I usually have goals for 3 months to a 1 year to 5 years. Once it’s written down you have something concrete to work on and something which can be real.

10. Where can we find you on social media and is there any new project you would like to tell us about?

I am recently working on my own television show but I can’t say much on that for now. I also have the CB Accessorise online website which will be up and running very soon. So look out for that. You can find me on the various social media below

On Snapchat & Instagram: @naberaydiamond

facebook: Naberay Bangura

Business fb and Instagram: @cbaccessorise

Business email:

For bookings email:

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