I Was The Side Chick | He Invited Me To His House When His Other Girlfriend Was There

December 11, 2017

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Lovelies, I know you are going to say ‘oh Lizzy Lozzo is back with her crazy, A Side Chick?’ I’m telling you all, this was crazy.

Like seriously thou, I understood what was going on because I can see with my two eyes but didn’t understood at the same time.

He sent his driver to pick me up from where I was too. I was spending time at my friend’s house after a very long night of partying.

He messaged me like around 4:30 am asking where I was and if I would like to go over his. I replied him saying ‘yes.’ So I went.

I had to go because I was hungry, his chef is 24/7 so I knew I will be fed lol. Sorry I’m just being honest, food is life. Where is all my team foodies at? I’m sure they will relate to me.

I got to his, went to his room and I saw another chick in the room. Nice pretty with blue eyes and blond hair.

I was like to myself at first ‘ok what’s going on? Why would he invite me to his when he had another girl there and after all his been trying to get with me for a long time too, but nothing had happened between us.’

So I walked towards his bed. We began smiling at each other and it soon turned into big laughs. The other girl didn’t find it funny at all.

Obviously it wouldn’t be funny to her because they had a sexual relationship, so she probably was emotionally connected to him.

I on the other hand was not emotionally connected to him as we haven’t even kissed or done anything sexual. I was just there for the food and company because I knew at the back of my mind that we can only be friends from the first time we met.

He is only 26 and I don’t have time to be waiting for him until he is finished experiencing life or go through it with him lol. So I had nicely excuse myself from his numbers.

He is a really cool person to hang around with and that’s that. We can only be friends.

So he introduced me to the girl as his girlfriend and he wants to marry me, the joke haha. The girl walked out of the room, I went about my food hunting lol.

Who do you think was the side chick?

Thank you very much for always showing me so much love.

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