I Got Told A Sugar Daddy Would Be Assigned To Me As An Alternative To A Salary At The Office Of Diaspora In Freetown Sierra Leone

September 1, 2017
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At my friend’s house

Office of Diaspora in Freetown Sierra Leone told me that I can work with them but a Sugar Daddy will be assigned me to as an alternative to a salary because the office doesn’t have the finance to pay staffs at the moment but they have vacancies.

The Reason Why I Wanted To Work In Sierra Leone

Since I have never worked in Sierra Leone and around Sierra Leoneans in general in the past, during my visit to Sierra Leone, I thought it would be a great opportunity for me to do so since I was going to be there for a couple of months.

Also I thought that it would be great to understand the working culture in Sierra Leone before I start a business there.

I spoke to my dad about it, he suggested that I go to The Office Of Diaspora. According to him, this is a office that has been designated to help people from the Diaspora wanting to return back home.

My dad heard about this office on the radio. They sold themselves very well, so much that my dad believed they are the solution to what I was after.

He took it so seriously and couldn’t stop persuading me to go to the office to introduce and register myself. He said ‘you need to go register yourself as soon as possible, they will need your passport and Cv’. I said ‘ok daddy I will do so.

Preparations Before Going To Register At The Office

This was a very big day in my house, I don’t know why it was so dramatic and big, but it was.

My dad had spoken to my mum to follow me to this meeting. However, the meeting day clashed with my mum’s hospital appointment so she couldn’t make it. I had to go by myself.

Why My Dad Couldn’t Come To The Meeting With Me

My dad, as much as he would have loved to come with me, wasn’t able to do so because he has mobility issues and so doing errands is not ideal for him.

My dad suffered from Stroke in 2010, recovered in 2011 and suffered from it again in later 2013/14 and is still recovering from it.

This was a sad time for me because I’m so used to my dad doing all the errands and connecting the dots, to see him on that wheelchair giving instructions was very emotional for me because he is more of a doer than an instructor, my dad is a leader.

My Dad Wanted Me To Dress Very Modestly So They Would Not Look At Me In A Disrespectful Way

My dad said ‘don’t wear that Pyjamas trousers you normally wear (he was talking about leggings by the way lol) ‘. I said ‘ok daddy I will dress for the occasion.

I wore a really nice black smart modest dress. My dad was impressed, he said ‘yes my daughter, you look really great, this is how I like you to dress. Here is the picture of the dress I wore:

Work, Office Of Diaspora, Work, Sugar Daddy, Wealth, Working In Sierra Leone, Guys, Live, Cheating Howto, Businesses, Lifestyle & inspirational blogger, Freetown, Money, London, UK, Fashion blog, Nutrition, Lizzylozzo, Sierra Leone,

I wore this dress without the sunglasses and a semi serious face, not like this

Trust I was looking very classy and decent, my parents wouldn’t have approved of my look if I was looking anything less than modest.

What Happened At The Office Of Diaspora

On my arrival at the office, the reception at the office was just confusion, I should have known to just do a reverse and go home.

It was nothing like my dad has explained. I didn’t have to register with no one, my dad took it way too seriously than the office takes themselves.

But I was like ok let me be patient this is not the UK where everything is very organised, this is Sierra Leone still a developing country, maybe that is why they are trying to encourage people from the diaspora to come and help with this development.

So I waited patiently and I finally got introduced to a Director who then Introduced to another Director as he had no idea what I was talking about.

Basically he is a Director in The Office Of Diaspora but don’t know about their radio advertisement, very shocking indeed.

Met With The Director

I introduced myself, I told him the reason I went to the office, we had a little conversation. He said ‘I’m very impressed with you, is people like you that we need, this is why President Koroma started this office in the 1st place, we have something for you’.

I was very impressed too, I was like wow finally, I have beat statistics and the stereotypical saying ‘that you will have to sleep with someone to get a job in Sierra Leone.’

Let me call him Mr. Jay (that is not his real name by the way). So Mr. Jay told me to wait for 2 weeks as the Minister of Foreign Affairs was out of town and she is the one who makes the decisions and also added that she would love to meet me.

Mr. Jay said ‘she likes strong and ambitious women like you that wants to come back home and help in the development of Sierra Leone.

Two Weeks Gone Past

Went to go see the Director (Mr. jay) again to follow up on the progress of my position.

So we spoke about the position, he said being here means you are part of us now, you will have to blend with us and do things our own way. I was like yes sure I will sir. Basically at this point, I had gotten the position.

Salary Negotiation Time

To cut story short, it was at this point that Mr. Jay said ‘they have a position for me but not a salary. To get paid, a wealthy man (a Sugar Daddy) will be allocated to me that will be looking after my financial needs until they have a budget for me’.

I was in awe and in a speechless mood, I was just like ok yes that is perfect. I couldn’t wait to get home and never show my face to them again.

I could have said something back like ‘if I wanted a Sugar Daddy, I wouldn’t come here looking for a job, I will look for a Sugar Daddy and work for them instead.

Why would I be working in your office when the Sugar Daddy will pay me for being with him.

My dad had spoken to me to be on my best behaviour, so I was very polite and I tried my best not to spouse out because on a normal day, I’m not the person to mess about with.


In conclusion, I will advise anyone going to live in Sierra Leone or currently lives in Sierra Leone to be strong and have a mind of their own otherwise some people will just try to corrupt you and your integrity.

It really is a shame to have had this type of experience, I didn’t really need the money because I had income coming from my business to support me whilst I was there. I just needed an experience that didn’t happen.

Sierra Leone is an amazing place to be if some of the people in the top organisation will just practice discipline. They know what discipline is, they just don’t practice it.

This being said, I’m not disputing the fact that some females didn’t have to go through being sexually harassed to get a job. This was just my experience.

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