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How To Stay Motivated At Work | Self Motivation Tips

June 17, 2017

Self Motivation Tips – Work Motivation Tips

How To Stay Motivated At Work | Self Motivation Tips

Not feeling motivated at work is something we all experience from time to time. Do you find yourself always prolonging tasks, not waking up on time? These are some of the signs of feeling unmotivated. However, there are things you can do or affirm yourself with to help you stay motivated at work.

It is not easy to remove a sluggish feeling but trust me, it can be done if you challenge it by finding a solution to it. I will be talking about the things I normally do to help me stay motivated at work based on my personal research and implementation. I can’t stress out how important it is to stay motivated at work and how it has helped me with my productivity.

My Motivational Short Stories – Best Motivation Tips

Before we prolong to the tips, I’m going to share a story with you lovelies. There was a particular time in my life when I felt like the World was coming to an end, I wasn’t motivated to do anything apart from eating and sleeping. I was living a life with no purpose because I hadn’t really figured out what I was destined to do, so life had no purpose to me really, I didn’t see any point of going to university or working at my part time job at the time. I took a year out of university but kept my part time job because I needed the money. To be honest, I was only there because of the money, even though I always exceeded my daily and weekly targets due to the fact that I’m good at selling as it’s something that comes natural to me.

How To Stay Motivated At Work | Self Motivation Tips

How Things Changed ? Feeling Motivated At Work

Finding yourself is very important. I would spend days, hours learning new things about myself and reading biographies and other motivational materials on the internet; I really can’t stress out how important Google has been in my life. Without Google being there to answer some questions for me, I would have just been in the hands of judgmental people and that’s the last thing you need when you are not feeling motivated at work.

Why Is It Important To Stay Motivated At Work – Motivation Tips

To be a great achiever, it is very important to stay motivated to enable you to be more productive and efficient with your work.

Here are the top 3 things that has given me the desire to stay motivated at work

1. Find Your Purpose: Finding your purpose (in other words, realising why you are here) will give you a reason to be motivated. For example, if you are traveling from one destination to another, what keeps you motivated with the journey is the arrival of your final destination. So look at your life in this perspective and everyday you will wake up so energetic and wanting to work towards your purpose.

2. Positive Affirmations: These are amazing to keep the fire burning in you. I have flash notes almost everywhere in my living space to help remind me of my purpose and who I am. It is very important you tell yourself these things because you can’t always leave it in the hands of other people.

How To Stay Motivated At Work

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3. Surround Yourself With Doers: If you are arounded by people that are always working towards their goals, you will have no option but to do the same. So basically in other words, surround yourself with people that inspire you to be the best version of you.
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