April 11, 2017

To begin with, anyone can look good in a bikini as long as they have the confidence and inner happiness to do so, so basically is whatever makes you happy (it is always about what makes you happy). Personally, I don’t like to see excess skin hanging somewhere and especially when I’m in a bikini and have to take pictures for the gram (yes Instagram).

Two weeks before going to the beach , I went on a diet and I began working out more often. In this post, I will tell you what I did to achieve my beach body and I hope it helps you in achieving yours. Please always remember how important it is to learn your body and do what works for you, this is what worked for me, it might not work for you or it might (try and error, try and win kind of thing haha).


Personally, I believe food is the most important thing to control when it comes to keeping fit or losing weight.

Whenever I feel like I’m putting on some extra pounds, I reduced the amount of food I eat and go for healthier options. So basically, diet is not about starving yourself, its about eating a reduce portion and the right food.

Morning Routine: I eat 2 banana and mango for breakfast or any other fruit you enjoy eating. For lunch: I eat Bulgur Wheat with a sauce (it can be any preferred sauce of your choice). Bulgur Wheat is used as an alternative to rice because its lighter and healthier. Snacks:  Sesame Snack Bars are my favourite, so I have them in between meals, you can have nuts instead of these but personally, I’m allergic to nuts so I don’t eat them.

Dinner: I did not eat anything specific for dinner but whatever I ate, was in a very small portion. I drank lots of water and my favourite berry tea with honey too.
Here is a link of where you can get Bulgur Wheat and Sesame Snack Bar from or to give you an idea of what they look like.
Bulgur Wheat: Bulgur Wheat, Light, 1 lb.
Sesame Snack Bar: Greek Sesame Snack Bars (Mini Pasteli) 4 Sesame Thin Leaves 35g 1.23 Oz X 3
Working out Routine
Working out is done mainly to firm my butt, tummy, thighs and arm areas and its highly advisable to workout when trying to loose weight to avoid gaining excess skin.
Morning Routine: I did 200 jumping jacks, 50 squats, 30 tricep dips and 30 second planks x 5 and will normally go for a walk in the evenings. I didn’t workout during the day but you can if you have the time to do so or you enjoy working out at that time of the day.
Bikini beach body fast
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