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How To Be Financially Free

May 11, 2017

Best Way to Be Financially Free

How To Be Financially Free

As we work on our jobs or our personal businesses, one thing we all or most of us crave for is to be financially free. This is a very big word that has various definitions depending on where you are in your life. Personally, from what I have learnt and experienced, I will describe financial freedom as being at a point/stage in your life where you have enough personal wealth to live on without having to work actively for basic necessities.For example, being of work for 2-3 months but still being able to live the same life  like when you were actively working.

How To Be Financially Free

Clearing Limiting Money Beliefs

Financial freedom is more than just having enough money in your account, its a certain mental state too of being who you really want to be and what you want from life. Sometimes, some of us really loss the purpose of what our lives should really be and that’s when we begin to suffer and never have enough. We spend money and time on things that are not important in our lives, they are just there to take away from us, so this makes us feel like we never have enough.

How To Be Financially Free

Channel Your Mind First to be Financially Free

To be financially free, you have to channel your mind, body and soul to a certain direction. Basically, in other words, take some time off and revisit your life to see what’s really important to you. Whatever you decide to have in your new book, should be very important.

On making the choice to be financially free, you have to automatically become a different person (recently a lot of people have been saying to me ‘oh you’ve changed a lot), to be honest, I subconscious made this decision and I didn’t really realise it  physically until people began telling me, I felt it mentally but I didn’t see it physically.

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Promising to financial freedom

Having your priorities right is a major element to being financially free because financial freedom doesn’t mean you have access amount of money like Dangote or Bill Gates type of rich lol. It is the process of being a better you financially, spiritually, mentally, happiness, emotional strength and becoming the best version of yourself.

After all said and done, money doesn’t make you rich, you need all these elements to be a rich person and be free. We’ve all seen or had about people that were once financially rich but lost it all because they were all rich in money but not in any of the factors I’ve mentioned above. Respect and enjoy your journey, it’s very important, this is what will make you financially free for life.

How To Be Financially Free

Making a Change is Important When it Comes to Financial Freedom

It’s never too late to take control of your situation. There are times in the past, when I’ve said oh I just want a rich man that will  look after me. But as time went on, I had so much personal and spiritual growth, I realized that being financially free is not about having excess amount of free money that you haven’t worked for because there will one day be an end to it. It is way more than that, so I began working on my own personal growth. Education and making a change are very important when it comes to financial freedom. Work towards achieving your goals and apply whatever you’ve learnt. Applied knowledge is very important because you can read this post 10x but if you don’t take action and apply it to your life, nothing would change. Your future is all in your hands, make a move and don’t be scare of change.

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