Why You Should Ditch Guys That Asks If You Live By Yourself At The Beginning Of Your Getting To Know Each Other Conversation

August 31, 2017

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Guys that asks if you live by yourself at the beginning of your getting to know each other conversation, are just a no go area. You can call me the guys finisher because my Psychic Ass just knows how to read these fuck boys out here.

Tell him boy byeeeee….

Deep breathe, in and out, then relax. Lovelies I’m so going to start a YouTube channel soon because you lot need to see some of my reactions as I’m typing. Wooo I’m in my ratchet mood right now, so I’m screaming, I’m waving my fingers back and forth whilst I’m getting myself ready to dive in this post.

This is going to be a very precise and short post, I’m not going to rant a lot on this topic because the truth is not faraway.

So then, can we talk? At the end of the day, this is what I have experienced and I have heard a lot of stories like this. It is a very popular trend now.

Before I prolong, I’m just going to give a little piece of advice to anyone (male, female, transgender) reading this post. I believe that everyone should take some time out at a certain stage in their life to learn about themselves, to make sure they have some stability in their lives before trying to bring someone else into their life.

The Two Main Reason Why You Should Stay Away From Guys That Ask If  You Live By Yourself In The Beginning Of Your Getting To Know Each Other Conversation Are:

1. He is living with his parents and probably have a couple of girls. Obviously it would be better for him to come to yours because it is not appropriate for him to be taking different types of girls to a house that is not his.
2. He is living with his wife, girlfriend or baby mama. So basically they are trying to play on whoever they are staying with. They can’t take a girl to the house, so they are mainly hunting for girls that lives by themselves.

I’m not here to dispute that people shouldn’t cheat or live a reckless life. But I’m here to say ‘you should be able to afford whatever life you want to live, it shouldn’t be at the expense of other people.’

For example, if you are living with someone and you want to cheat, get a second home. If you can’t afford a second home to play your games, it means that you are not fit to be a player, you should probably focus on improving your life.

And to my ladies, don’t be a platform to these men. If you haven’t been to his house, don’t invite him to yours.

Thank you and stay tuneddddddd for more interesting posts.

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