Deep wave hair tutorial

March 8, 2014
hair tutorial
Hello lovelies, earlier this year, I calculated and I found out that I spent £865 just on hair service alone, we are not talking about the extensions which are more expensive than the cost to install them.
I said to myself ‘wow that’s a lot of money, I could have saved it. As my motto from this year upwards is to make more money, the only way I can achieve that is to find ways of cutting costs and invest my savings: this is why I have decided to start doing my own hair again. I am a good  hairdresser, I just got lazy when I went to university and began going to the hair dressers. I even used to do it for money from age 15 – 18.
Ok I know you want to hear how I did my hair now, so here are the details lol.
1. Get 2 packs of deep wave hair extensions.
2. Instal it on a wig cap first, this makes it easier to be sown on your head and gives it a flawless look too.
3. Leave some of your hair out to blend in with the wig.
4. Do five big braids on your hair, you can use some hair extension to do the braid to make it stronger.
5. Sew onto your head using needle and thread.
6. Blend the extension with your natural hair by using a non sticky hair gel and loose up the curls a little if you like the big hair look.
That’s all I did to achieve this fab hair. If you have any questions, please do leave a comment below.
Deep wave hair tutorial
Lizzy Lozzo on deep wave hair tutorial
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