November 19, 2014
‘It’s more about how you pick your pieces and not how much you spend on them’ 
Hey Lovelies,
I believe you are all doing great :).
In today’s Society were some of us are battling so hard to look good to impress each other making some of us spend money we don’t have on things we don’t need, all is not lost as there are still some of us on tries to look good for cheap. Personally I have a different ambitious, I want to own luxury things like real estates and business (oh yes I dream big that’s my motivation lol). So yes that’s me, also I treasure the place I call home, so I rather pay expensive rent for s luxurious flat than to spend it on clothes and shoes.
‘My mother always says: cut your coat according to your size’ 
I am a girl/lady that likes to change her clothes all the time so I tend to opt mostly for bargains, I am the BIGGEST BARGAIN GIRL. In today’s post, I will show you how I looked fabulous with my whole outfit costing under £30.
Excuse the images they were taken in the dark but the message here is the most important thing 🙂
Mostly, these outfits are only worn once so going cheap is definitely an option :).
Top: £3.99 eBay
Skirt: 8:99 Forever21
Shoes: 12.99 Forever21 on sale
Bag: £3.50 Primark
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