Being Attacked By Moped Gang On My Birthday Night | Tired Of Black People That Commit Crimes In The Name Of Fighting For Justice

October 9, 2017
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Image taken from The London Evening Standard website

Being attacked by moped gang on my birthday night. I’m just tired of these type of black people that go around committing crimes in the name of fighting for justice.

Me and my friend were involved in a robbery incident on my birthday night. Okay so then, these people stole from us, damaged the car.

Am I going to hold on to this forever? No. I will not because we stayed alive for a reason better than constantly going back at how they stole from us.

This is why I don’t understand black people that constantly say the West stole from Africa.

What exactly did they steal that we can’t get back? I mean Aliko Dangote is one of the richest men in World, is he not African?

I mean why are some people always capitalising on how Africa was robbed thousands of years ago. If you really want to change your story, you will like all the other successful black people have done.

Some of us were not even born yet, we didn’t witness anything like the robbery incident I witnessed but yet still,  they are fighting for something they know nothing about.

Who ever is brain washing the youths of vulnerable adults, should stop.

This is not adding any value to our community it just makes the black youths angry and feel like they need to get what was stolen from them.

From the voices of the gang that robbed us, I could tell they are young boys. Also in the story I have attached below by The Evening Standard, the gang members were age 16, 17 & 18. This just left me speechless.

Personally I think it is just stupidity to be stealing from people who didn’t directly steal from you.

Your justice don’t make any kind of sense because you are just hurting innocent people.

The world has revolved a lot, many rich people are making money out of their talents and not what was apparently stolen from Africa.

Steve Jobs, Bill Gates etc got rich from their craft not from anything stolen from Africa.

To think that rich people don’t work for their money is just ignorant.

If indeed anything was stolen from Africa, it was by the help of our leaders. They could have fought back but no, they wanted the cigarettes, rum etc in exchange for their own people. Now whose fault is that?

Is like me selling my watch and blaming the person that bought it?

You can’t be stealing from people because you are angry because they apparently stole from you. Basically you are doing the same thing you are fighting against, how is that gonna make a change?

The Incident

I really can’t remember much, I was in real shock. How can this happen on my birthday night, how can this even happen to us.

But hey, it Happened, all I can remember is the saying the want the money, watch and they were going to shoot.

You can read more about moped gang on The Evening Standard 

Moped Gang, Robbery, Crime, Howto, Lifestyle & inspirational blogger, Freetown, London, UK, Fashion blog, Lizzylozzo, Sierra Leone, Inspiration

They smashed the car window

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